Write a letter to your future self- Why and How?

There’s a purpose why we enjoy talking to each other. The natural love of contact. Why are we in love with communication? We do so because we are social animals. Don’t worry, this isn’t you, it’s humanity. Years of evolution have taken us here. And let me not confuse the contact here by saying it’s just words. The bulk of our contact is non-verbal. You chat more by lovingly looking at the gift that your friend has given you than by simply saying “thank you” a thousand times. So, write a letter to your future self.

How your life course has changed

Assume writing to your future self, five years from now,

  • what would you say?
  • What kind of person would you be like?
  • Which goals would you like to have achieved?

Not only is it mind-boggling, but it’s going to get you thinking about your ambitions five years from now. Subsequently, when you open your letter five years down the line, you’ll be able to analyze items that suit (or don’t suit) your standards and represent why that’s the case. Also, our goals are subject to a lot of change due to unexpected situations and shifting priorities. Reading your letter lets you see how your life course has changed since you wrote it down. This also helps you stop to think about how you’re doing, to how you’re where you want to be in your life.

Why to write a letter to your future self?

Once you write your message, your mind and mindset are contained in your writing. It’s like you’re being approached by the old man when you read it. It gives you a new viewpoint and lets you see how much you’ve improved since then. It provides you:

Reality check

When we live, we seem to forget many decisions, commitments, and other important things. Occasionally we make mistakes that we don’t want to replicate, but at the end of the day, forget about them and walk on the same rake. This letter is going to be a reality, helping you raise some important questions to see if you’re heading in the right direction.

reality check, check yourself


Many of the very famous and popular people had a diary. They invested a lot in self-reflection, drawing a conclusion, and turned their views. You can follow that example, and you’re going to be able to get yourself on a new personal level.

Time travel

time travel, traveling to your future self

Your diaries/letters are like time machines. Years go by, and the moment you read them, you immerse yourself in the past reality. Clearly, you are the young, less mature, content, foolish, and very real life of yours. So you’ll see how much you’ve improved since then. If it makes you laugh or cry, it’s certainly going to be a valuable experience.

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Remind that

Remind yourself of something really important and useful. Life can be quite hectic a lot of times. And the most important things and dreams for people could slip out of our minds — to be pushed to the back burner. This letter is going to help you understand what is important to you.

don't forget to live, remind that, ask questions from your future self,
Reminder to your future self

How to write a letter to your future self?

Here question arises in our mind that how to write a letter to our self? What should we write about that?

Ask questions from your future self.

  • What lessons have I learned up until this point? Life will definitely have given you lessons.
  • What goals have I achieved?
  • Who helped me on the way?
  • How did I thank them?
  • Am I happy?
  • What is important to me?
  • Am I living this life true to MYSELF?
  • Am I spending enough time on things that matter?
  • Do I take enough care of my health and myself?

Share The Current Perception

  • Kin. Kin. If someone in your family has made a mistake that you want to stop, tell your future self about it. Write about some funny situations or about some precious moments, when this person really helped you.
  • Relationships. What’s important about your relationship?
  • Career. Share the goals and aspirations of your future. Tell yourself what you’re doing for work at the moment and what your goals are.
  • Financial condition. Share with your future self some beliefs about money and your current financial situation.

Keep your letter with a future open date.

Keep your letter with a date of the future and hide it in a safe place. As well as click here to write a letter to your future self. It will stay safe and you get the email on a date you decided from the future.  

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