Let’s compare ourselves with others Positively

Do you compare yourself with others? Do you think that he is better than you? Do you live most of your life comparing yourself to others? Do you think that your friend is smarter than you, richer than you or your sister is prettier than you? Do you always feel like a loser?

Don’t worry it’s natural that we all compare ourselves with others. Comparing ourselves with others is something that we humans love to do. Whether it’s our lives, our relations, our status, or even our likes and followers on Instagram, we love to compare. Because comparing is as old as humanity. Sometimes we compare ourselves with models to meet the beauty standards, sometimes with the athletes to meet the fitness level and all the time with friends, relatives, neighbors, school mates, colleagues, and even with strangers, and if you are from Desi families, then sure with your snake cousins. So there is an infinite number of people and categories to compare to.

Comparing and evaluating yourself is your right, and it’s normal but to some extent. To improve yourself just to make yourself a better person. From a positive perspective, it encourages you and it motivates you. You might think that if he can do it then why can’t I? I can also do it. You even start to appreciate that person and in this process, you feel happy. And from a negative perspective, you might become so obsessed to get that thing at any cost. We have gone so far in this comparison battle that we almost forget to appreciate ourselves and become the victim of this toxic habit

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You might always think that life is so unfair to you. Everyone has a better and easier life than yours. And whenever you forget to compare, social media, family gatherings, and your surroundings never let you succeed.

Now enough is enough. Time has come to enjoy our lives without comparing them in a way that will just only destroy us. Time has come to love ourselves to appreciate ourselves, be ourselves, be you, and be me. And there is only one thing that makes you different from others and that is just being you. This is the fight that we can only win by loving and accepting ourselves. So it is very important to look at our strengths and weaknesses and most importantly our true value.

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Life is all about being a better version of your self. Because you are your own hero. You were there for yourself when nobody was there. You are the one that tackles every situation in your life. You motivate yourself to do a lot of things, especially to get up from the bed which is sometimes the most difficult task. You have your own goals, your own path. You have your standards, your own experiences, and your abilities. You have your thoughts, your perspectives. Yeah, it might also be possible that the other person doesn’t have the same abilities you have and vice versa.

Just look into the past and remember the time you used to think how numb, how wired you are but now just look at yourself. You are a completely different person now. You have groomed so much. Just go through your Instagram feed and see how much you have change yourself, and with the time you will groom more and turn out to be a most beautiful soul. Because there is always room for improvement. The fact is it’s always more about your improvement than others.

We all may have read this quote:
“Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.”

The thing is you have your own chapter and how can you even compare yourself with someone else’s. You will get everything at your own time. For instance, someone has been playing guitar for a year and you just have started. How can you compare yourself with him and even think you are not capable of this.

You’ll bloom at your own time, and you are beautiful in your way. You are tall enough to stand, you are smart enough to speak, just polish your skills and work on your identity. Because the person who compares himself with others will lose his identity on the way and kill it, as comparison leads to suffering and it kills the joy of your achievements.

Compare yourself with others and with yourself in a productive way and break the habit of feeling envious, insecure, and disconnected with your life!

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  1. Outstanding work!
    Excellent work must always be recognized and differentiated as such. I appreciate your critical thinking. You are so creative. I value and respect your opinion. You write how people feel, even if they can’t express it……I hope your writing inspire everyone INSHA-ALLAH!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Crux , Life is all about being a better version of yourself👌👌.
    Snake cousins 😁😁
    Necessary actions may be taken at home, school, and workplace to reduce menace of enviousness and conversion to positive improvement.
    Well articulated. Appreciate your effort.

  3. I really like the comparison part but it’s reality we can’t stop becz Hum ne apne dreams goals dosro ko dekh k set kiye hain and hum khud ko kbhi b unko follow krne se nhi rok skte

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