What is Mental stress And how we can get rid of it?

Mental stress

We all suffers from mental stress at some point in life so basically first of all we need to know what is mental stress exactly? Mental stress is how a person perceive events in external and internal environment in such a way which affect him or her mentally and psychologically.If that event cause some negative impact on mind and person feel uncomfortable with that condition and he or she is not capable to remove that particular thought from mind then it means that person suffering from anxiety and in other words mental stress.

People come across to this situation normally but due to covid 19 this disease getting more serious than any other one  especially young generation because we don’t consider it as a serious issue and even don’t prefer to speak on it . Many of us thinks if they talk that they are suffering from anxiety other will consider them someone from other world. Youth feels hesitate to go to psychologists and find to solution for the problem.This is not their mistake usually parents do not focus on this problem like other problems, they think its normal and with the passage of time it will be fine automatically.

The important question which comes in mind of everyone is how   to cope up with stress and ask for the solution of this problem. There are lots of things which cause mental stress especially burden of work, education, failure to fulfill wishes, status difference and most important social media diseases is major cause of this problem.

Key signs of stress are thinking again and again about something, don’t able to think in new way ,lack of sleeping , over eating, over sleeping , memory loss and lots of other symptoms varies with person to person . Sometimes people even can’t even come to know the conditions which are affecting their mental health so it takes time to come to know and it depends how much a person have concentration towards his or her environment. 

How we can get rid of mental stress?

There are lot of ways to remove stress from your life, but we will focus on some important remedies which are easy to adapt and instant in results.

Exercise, yoga or meditation

Is mental stress worse than physical? This is the first question which comes in mind about importance of mental and physical health answer is very simple healthy body possess a healthy mind and vice versa .if  your mind is fresh and alive then you defiantly focus on your work more confidently and actively and you can work actively only if you physically fit and you can physically fit only when you are mentally fit. For this exercise is FIRST AND FOREMOST TOOL which generate relaxation.

Take exercise for 10 to 15 mints in the morning or at least in the evening initially 10 mints walk is more than enough but there should be no cell phone with you and you must be in the fresh air.

Yoga is a good thing to release stress and anxiety so after sunrise or any time which is convenient for you do practice yoga or mediation .Take deep inhale for 10 sec and then exhale air and at that point think your mind is free from everything and vacant for new thoughts.

Outing and Picnic

Go for some picnic places especially natural places where peace is waiting for you without Wi-Fi just live the moment and observe the beautiful things lying around you feel the air and chirping of birds and let the fragrance of beauty touch your face and enjoy the essence of reality and amazing things around.You feel when you are at natural place it connects with you automatically like you have close relation with it or you know it for years this is the reason nature is it self a medication because creature fascinate from nature.

Spend time with your loved one or favorite one 

Do spend some hours with your family or sibling or parents anyone who is close to you with whom is the source of your happiness and you totally forget about your problems. And have lunch or dinner with friends.BUT Please make sure this get together is not with those persons who already put you in stress full situation at any stage in your life.


Listen calm and slow music according to your taste and of course favorite singers as well ..MUSIC has healing effect .It has quality to change your mood ,to purify your soul and to remove sadness from you and brings cheerful and positive energy in you.Make a proper playlist of songs and play those tracks when you drive or doing any other wok in which there are chances that you can overthink.It will divert your mind probably.

Stay away from negative and toxic people.

Make a list of those who are irritating in your life and becoming a source of stress and through them out of your life. Firstly free your mind then your life because those people will continuously damage your thoughts and self-confidence which move towards mental stress.You can forget , you can overcome problems, you can forgive yourself but people will never let you free from this until or unless you free your self from others.DO IT NOW FOR YOURSELF.

Play games and Read good literature 

Do play games which are interesting and you can engage yourself in them and read books according to your choice ,one or two pages not more than that if you  are busy  because books  have world inside and when you enter into that world you will definitely cut off from existing  stressful world around you for some time.OUTDOOR games are best but these days prefer to play INDOOR games due to COVID 19.

Intake of healthy food

Add healthy food in your diet. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meal. Consumption of juices at breakfast and green tea at dinner. Change your daily plan and add different meals which are delicious without compromising on hygiene factors.

Sleep better and Talk to yourself 

Self-assessment must be on top priority, stand in front of the mirror see In your sees and say let’s talk it will introduce a new kind of energy in you and make you able to fight with current situation then ask yourself about all disturbing problems and focus more on finding the solution. Take proper sleep with an empty mind. Try to read material that is based upon relaxation.                                                                                                                           

There should be a proper subject of stress management in our universities because stress leads to depression. With the passage of time competition is getting higher and as a result stress also increasing so it needs of hour to take initiative and serious steps on an educational level as well.Because it matters you are happy , it matters you are feeling every second of your beautiful life ,it matters you are satisfied from yourself, it matters you deserve to be special , it matters you are important for yourself at the end IT MATTERS,YOU MATTER


Try to examine “mental stress is in you or you are in mental stress,, and eliminate stress-causing factors from your life, and if you fail to remove then follow the available above remedies. 

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