What is mental strength and How to become mentally strong?

What is mental strength?

One cannot measure mental strength on very strict scales. For example, calling a person either ‘a mentally strong person’ or ‘a mentally weak person’. Everyone has a degree to which they are strong mentally. But even to its highest degree, there still remains a room for improvement. People having high degree of mental strength are able to regulate their emotions. They can effectively manage their thoughts. Moreover, they have the ability to stay strong even in the unexpectedly bad circumstances.

Hence, mental strength can be explained as:

“The capacity of an individual to effectively tackle with challenges, pressures and tensions to perform best no matter what the circumstances are.”

Factors which determine mental strength

Very similar to physical strength, which some people are able to develop more easily than other, ease to develop mental strength also varies among individuals. The main factors that determine the already present mental strength or the ease to develop more can be:

  • Genetics- Sometimes not being able to control your emotions and mood swings runs in families. It’s the genes which carry such information from elders to their generations. Examples of such disorders are: Mood disorders, depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, etc.
  • Personality- It also depends on the personality of a person how effectively they are able to deal with toxic situations. Personality can have effect on your rational thinking and the way you act in certain situations. Some people are bestowed naturally with positive thinking attitude than others.
  • Experiences- It can be the life experiences that develop your perception about yourself, others and about the world. These perceptions derive many of your actions in general.

Obviously, these factors do have an effect on your mental strength and you cannot control them. Also, if you already have adopted ADHD through your genes. But, this does not mean at all that you cannot control and develop your mental strength. By giving proper time and exercising self-improvement practices, you definitely can! You can find them in the end of the blog.

The basis of mental strength

Let’s imagine the condition of a person. He suffers from social anxiety. He becomes nervous whenever he has to face a social situation. Moreover, he does not know how to start a conversation and is always worried what words to choose when talking to someone so it does not feel awkward. Now because of his social anxiety, he isolates himself. He never initiates conversation with anyone and also does not interacts much. Because he doesn’t talk much to others. They also not initiate conversations with him. Now whenever he goes out and passes through a crowd, no one calls him to sit and share his thoughts while discussions. This worsen his situation. He starts thinking that, “I am a socially awkward person, that’s why no one talks to me”. This becomes a self-repeating cycle. Hence, his situation worsens even more.

Keeping this example in view, we can see how our thinking, our behaviors and our emotions are related to each other and how they affect our lives. Now, we can say that to develop mental strength, we need to adopt these three approaches which are:


  • Thoughts- Identify the thoughts which are self-generated and exist only in your mind. Now replace these irrational thoughts with more realistic and rational thoughts.
  • Behaviors- Trying to staying positive no matter what the situation is. Not letting the negative emotions take over your mind.
  • Emotions- You must learn to control your emotions otherwise your emotions will control you.

How to develop mental strength?

Simply by knowing what mental strength is won’t get you to it. Or just by mere reading this article would not help you get over your weaknesses. You have to work on yourself to improve your condition. Adopt these 5 healthy habits to increase your mental strength and become a healthy person both emotionally and mentally.

5 healthy habits to become mentally strong person

  • Accept the changes- Some of us are so fearful of changes that it makes us weak. We start living in past and want to go back in time. Stop right where you are if you face the same. Learn to accept the changes. Give your mind time and train it to learn get over it. Learn to deal with things in the new situation rather than to shy away. Stop fantasizing past and learn to live in TODAY!
  • Don’t focus on things you can’t change- If you are in a bad situation already and you know that you cannot change it, move forward. Don’t keep on thinking about it. If you have lost a job or your spouse left you, and you know that nothing can be done about it now, stop wasting your time on it. Learn to accept it and move away rather than crying over spill milk.
  • Don’t worry about pleasing everyone- Being courteous is a good trait but too much of it is more dangerous. You have a life; you have to make good decisions for yourself. In this life you cannot please everyone. Your own satisfaction and peace is more important. Many of your decisions might get bad comments from others but you feel good for them. Don’t care too much about what people are saying. Know that, when ‘I’ is well, then ‘all’ is well!
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself- Whenever you have faced a bad situation, you think you are in a pitiable condition. You start feeling sorry for yourself and give yourself a break. It’s okay to do this. But doing it too often can make you mentally weak sometimes. You have to stop feeling bad for yourself. Rather work on yourself and get back to life with more positive energy.
  • Stop regretting for past- Too often, when we remind some of our past experiences, it makes us worried. We regret some of our actions and keep on thinking, “what if I would not have done that, …”. Please don’t do this. We all have bad past experiences, all of us have been in awkward situations. Don’t let it get to your head and regret it over and over again. Learn to let it go!

Practice these exercises on your mind. You will learn more about controlling your thoughts and emotions. You have to become more ambitious. Learn new things, never repeat a mistake done once, never give up and wait for better results.

Benefits of being a mentally strong person

Being a mentally strong person can increase your resilience to stress. It helps in improved life satisfaction. It leads to enhanced performance in every task.

What do you think about yourself? Are you a mentally strong person overall? Let us know in comments!

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