What Does “Trust the Process” Mean?

What Does “Trust the Process” Mean?

We often listen people saying: “Trust the process”. But don’t you think what does “trust the process” even mean? In fact, what even is the process?

What is the PROCESS?

We see that every story has a beginning and an end. Whatever that happens in-between this is what we call the process. It’s better to call the process “a journey”. This journey might not be comprising of only the big events.  But instead narrowing it down to the smaller, the negligible day-to-day events.

It’s all about the process!

As we grow older, we have more appreciation for the process we have embraced.

You know it’s crazy how the smallest things can have the biggest impact on us. When we look back and observe the mundane day-to-day activities we have done, we really think about:

  • how much we have done them?
  • How much we have gained from them?
  • How much they have really shaped who we are?

It’s truly astonishing! because day to day, nothing changes but looking back, everything changes.

It’s all a process. It’s all part of this journey. We observe that life and death is these two separate states of being as if that’s all there is to existence. Part A: Life, Part B: Death. But there is a line that connects the both, “the process”. There is a journey that leads one from the other. And that journey is called the process.

Trust the Process! Why?

Now, people say, “Oh trust the process. Share the process. Show the process.” But, why the process? Why the people want to see that? What is the significance of that?

Don’t ever stop believing in your own personal transformation. It is still happening even on the days you may not realize it or feel like it.

Lalah Delia

The process embodies the experience. The experience is important and it does not seem apparent how important it is to observe the day-to-day routine and the significance of the little things in the day-to-day life. But the older we grow and the more we look back on it, the more we realize that there is utter depth in observing the process.

A person who is much older than you, understands this a lot better than you. No matter who you are, no matter what age you are, no matter what you have done with your life. If someone is older than you, they have realized this more. Even if it’s unconsciously, they understand the depth of the process even more.

Every other second is a new chance!

The clock tickles every other second. The time is passing. Every day the time changes from 5 to 6, 6to 12. We might not be consciously observing that. But unconsciously, we do. Every other minute we are in a different mental state. Every other second is a new chance, a new opportunity. There’s a reason we are given a new second, a new moment. Everything that happens to us is there to show us the true depth of time itself. We don’t time out to hear the clock’s tickling. It happens. It happens unintentionally. But there is a depth to why it happens. When we observe it more, we think about it more. We realize how significant it truly is.

Now, just look at your hands. You know no one has perfectly smooth skin. Everyone has wrinkles, everyone has creases. And these wrinkles and creases define the imperfections as well as the experiences you have embraced. When you grow older and you see these wrinkles and those creases, it hits you even harder, because you realize that you have more of these then you used to have. These represent your experiences; these represent your process. And in your process, everything had to happen. To give you where you are now.

How we live in the process?

People say: “Trust the process, trust the process, everything happens for a reason”. But in the midst of the process, and the scope in the perception of the process, what can we do but to trust the process?

Maybe, there is no final destination. You don’t go to a movie theater only to watch the last one minute of the movie. Instead, you would have it till the ending of the movie; you’d think that it all make sense in the end. But it doesn’t make sense if you only see some of the end of some of the mid portion. See! You have to embrace the process!

Nobody listens to a song to only listen to the final note. Won’t be the point of that, there’d be no point to music. Instead we listen to a song from the beginning to the end. We embrace the process!

You don’t know when a book can only read the last page. Instead, you read the book from cover to cover. Why? Because, you enjoy the process!

Do we really enjoy the process?

Some of us are so unfulfilled in life living day to day, wishing for the weekend, living weekend after weekend, wishing for retirement. This isn’t enjoying the process at all. This is awaiting the destination. But what could the destination have been but the journey. And this maybe a morbid thought but when we are on our deathbed minutes away from dying, we are going to think about the current moment we are in super-old and in pain!

We will think about the entire life we had had behind us. It may seem small but we will realize that’s really what mattered.

And it sounds super basic or well done, but the point of life is living and of course there’s no way to communicate the depth of this using just words, it sounds too basic, it all sounds element area. But many of us are in this life but how many of us are really living?

Don’t just live!

So don’t just live. Let’s be a little metaphorical, embrace the journey, embrace the path. Why to sit stagnant? 

In essence, the older we grow the more we understand this. It’s not like you have to be smarter as you grow up, it all just comes with experiencing consciousness more. It’s like consciousness layered upon layer upon layer. Now of course:

It’s not about the number of years in your life but the amount of life in your years.

That sounds hippy and it’s silly but it’s only when we truly begin to think about that, begin to feel that it really starts to hit us hard.

Are you enjoying the process or are you just living?

Madeeha Qadeer

A creative graphic designer with a tint of fun. She is good with her words too. She is a unique author of Blogsy.