Unity is requirement of time!!

Our past

When the people started to live in the form of groups, villages and cities came into being and from that time especialness occurred between the family, nations and tribes of the people. This especialness became the root cause of creating the difference and conflict among the people and families, tribes and nations became the enemy of other families, tribes and nations .Hatred Started between BLACK and WHITE races, and for the dominancy in any area color, creed and race became the major preferences, because of this one nation defeated other and one tribe defeated other tribe .To avoid these things and for situation betterment lots of Prophets and legends came in this world but instead of getting unity people were always remain miles away from straight path but exceptions are always there.

Actually to remain with other people and having a brotherhood relations, is need of hour and also the part of human nature. Spending a life for any person is difficult without the compromise and help of other person. Although every person is different from other person in nature and but the possibility of getting good relations with each other can only occur if we take every step with unity and accepting the others opinions in  appropriate way, otherwise small conflicts gives birth to large and disastrous results and controversies and life becomes a hell.

If we talk about the start of life in this world the first babble happened between the sons of ADAM and both of them became enemy of each other instead of brothers in result bloodshed took place on brotherhood from the beginning by creating bad example. Every religion have the importance of unity but bear the opposing arguments with courage, stopping the controversies, elimination of fight, ban on babble and focus on unity and brotherhood are the main components only in Islam. Having the good relations with others by accepting their different points and arguments with patience is the name of unity.

United we stand, divided we fall

HOLLY BOOK QURAN MAJEED have focused on unity lots of time, but it depends upon people how much they deliberately follow these instruction for the betterment of their selves and as well as society. Every one Of us  have heard this line,’ UNITED WE STAND ,DIVIDED WE FALL’ Which means unity has a great power , actually the exact meaning of unity is to live with each other not at one place but with one heart and gathered according to the need of time. Progress of nations depends upon brotherhood, unity and love for each other.

If the nations will be united no one can defeat them and they can never lose their glorious identities. History has lot of examples in which we can observe when the nation lost their unity and didn’t compromise with each other they remained with empty hands, now a days why the nations getting destruction?, why they are losing their Identities?, why they are not getting prominence like before and staying far away from the development and success the only reason is they are far away from the unity.

Unity for sharing the resources

There are lots of resources in different countries like some are having oil and some are having gas some are blessed with gold and some are with other precious metals if these countries shows unity and harmony and share their resources or combine work on these resources then can do wonderful things , things which are beyond to our minds even world is suffering from many problems , problems which are big and it’s difficult to solve them but keep it in mind it is not impossible to solve them its only require proper allocation of resources with mutual consultation and harmony and off course unity.

Big problems like poverty, unemployment, lack of education and health issues these are majorly occurring issues in underdeveloped  and developing countries , if developed countries decides  to provide some aid then these problems can be minimize ,or in case if they don’t do this here is another possible solution in which those countries which are developing and under the development can solve their problem by their own self by sharing their resources and through this they can eradicate the problems or may be can solve them slowly but with consistency.

We know there are organizations which here in this world to create the unity among the countries but still we can see monopoly is there and rights of many countries are exploited just because of their grudges and enmity that’s wholly opposite to the duties of those organizations, and they are using those platforms to ruin other countries instead of fulfilling their requirements ,how pity those who can solve the problems ,but they are becoming the source of increasing the problems, only the thing which is absent here is unity and love for other countries .If instead of showing dominancy or every try to show the superiority we put ourselves and give priority to those problems which are growing day by day and can also harm us in future then think how much this world will be peaceful.

But we see we put ourselves first then others and in fact we do everything for ourselves and not even think to harm others only for our benefits. Small conflict become bigger enough which leads to bloodshed and in case we are having small argument with other we feel so proud by winning those arguments which we win by insulting others and these tiny things creates hatred among people and the we say what we did .Simple thing is to survive in this world we need to sacrifices our ego first and thoughts of showing superiority to others these are the things which we do in daily life but neglect it, even don’t consider it.

Our ancestors did lot of wonders in this world they conquer the world even with low number of people they cross the hurdles, seas, mountains, deserts and different dangerous places to prove their selves at that there was no technology like we are having there was no availability of things like we are having now there were even no more information like we are enjoying now the only thing they have was unity and that was all for them and this was the only thing which made them able to do what they want and we have got lesson from our childhood that 1 and 1 are 11 and they proved it and we just take it as a simple dialogue or line and only use to say but not use to work according to it, and we really lack this quality.

Stories as a guider

We grow up after listening many stories in which moral was unity is strength. For EXAMPLE story of four oxes in which lion want to eat them all but always fail because of their unity and every time lion lose the game but when the lion torn them apart from each other then became successful to eat each of them, the reason was only when they were together they became arm for each other and protect each other but when they get separated no one can do save each of them and they lost their life.

Similarly the story of a woodcutter in which he had 3 sons and he asked them to bring the pieces of sticks on his bed and then he said to them if you separately break these sticks they can be broken but if you united them try to break them you can never do it easily and even they all tried but failed so the woodcutter gave them a lesson to be united. If we take the example of honey bee we observe they all collect honey together, aunts also gather their food together, so we should learn lesson if the animals even insect know they can perform better together then individual, they we should think also why we are not following them.

Why the leaders of the world and leaders of the business focus on team building because in past we have seen people focus on the individual work not on teamwork but now with the passage of time they realize it’s the need of hour to work together ,team gathers different creative minds at one place , teach everyone how to accept the arguments of others and how to display your own opinions and how to respect others opnions.NO book NO knowledge in this world can teach us how to be united until or unless we practice it. All the well-known companies in the world are believer of team building, hope so sooner or later nations will understand this that to stay and to grow in the world how much it is important to stay in unity.

Sometimes people living in one home remain apart from heart and sometimes people living far away even across the borders have love and care for each other. It depends upon upbringing as well now even kids don’t bother to sit gather share some meal have some chats, and they prefer to spend their all day on cell phone or social media and even if we try to sit with them they shows offensive and aggressive behavior While 8 to 10 years back people were used to sit together on every meal and had habit to exchange their ideas and daily routine with each other these small but useful habits made them more closer to each other and they had more love for each other.

In the need  of hour everyone  available in past and on the sad  or happy moments people always ready to support other people but now even we see the accident on roads we don’t bother to help them in fact we bother to click a picture and post that with sad caption, this sadness is just only on social media not in real ,in reality we don’t even try to stop our car and inquire what has happened there, maybe we are getting busy day by day or we are becoming more selfish or we are have lost sense of care and love this is blank space and we can put any lame excuse instead of eradication of this habit.


Unity is something which comes from our heart, it can solve any problem which is suffering by countries in the world, even our personal problems can also eliminate if there will be the entry of only one thing that is unity. This is the right time to take some important step that how to create more unity others we have lot of examples of destructions of nations in history who ignore this and now even their marks not exists.

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