The Need for Smart Work

It’s 21st century, the world is so fast paced, there is a real need of smart work. But what actually is smart work? Smart work mainly revolves around the fact that how you manage your time effectively and strategies made to do more work in less time.  It’s an era of technology, if you are not adapting at learning new ways, novel ideas of technology, online systems whether it’s related to banking or education then you will lag behind the world. You are not going according to prevailing circumstances and this can cost you a lot monetarily or educationally.

For an international connection with the world, use of high-tech is really important and you know, that’s what it’s efficient use leads to smart work.

Why is Smart work better than hard work?

What thoughts are circulating in your mind right now? If I discuss it with an educational point of view, then it’s pretty obvious what I am going to convey. It relates you to reading, understanding several books and studying each point carefully. Taking out conclusion and evaluating. All these efforts are good, I mean but to become studious, nerd and making your life monotonous….??? Who does even like this kind of routine?

Another way is to get help from a friend, watching YouTube video hence critically analyzing and understanding the concept. This way it would take less time, your topic will also be covered and nothing boring would be there. I think this makes pretty clear that why smart work is bettar than hard work.

Smart Work Example

Hard work involves more dedication and exerting more power and efforts on brain whereas smart work involves thinking critically, logically and initiatives. If a student is not able to balance his/her life instead he just keeps on doing what’s in the way to achieve the goal, shall not be proper attain what he wants to. Instead one should set his/her priorities for instance if there is exam of cost accounting priorities should be somehow like this:

  1. Questions by Sir
  2. Practicing and revising formulas
  3. Understanding concepts

And prepare for paper ahead of time. Instead if you keep on rote learning and cramming formulas that won’t help. It will ad burden instead. So, this is how smart work makes you prepare quicker and well.

Why working hard is the key to success?

Yeah, so despite emphasizing on the fact that smart work is more important in this fast-paced world. But hard work…. people who do hard work are often more successful. As Joan Didion says: “Do not whine, do not complain, work harder, spend more time alone.” Emphasizes hard work takes you towards your destination. Also, a saying goes, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Just go back and rewind your good old days when you wanted to achieve high marks or grades in your matric/O Levels, Inter/Fsc. You may have struggled hard. Before CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) or Board Exams. You gad made plans, strategies to achieve goals your ‘High Achiever’s’ goal. You had burnt the midnight oil, you may have left parties, you hadn’t attended family gatherings or sometimes weddings.

Life Event Example

Sometimes you may have pissed off, you may want to cry or you think it’s difficult to implement that hard routine. Often you to wake up early, those sleepless nights made you weird. Sometimes you acted rude, weird, exhausted, feeble but when in your mind it was you grades dream. It’s also important to know that grades are not important than your health but at that age, you possess different type of strength and vigor. You have courage to take new challenges. You have a very high level of motivation. Reason being you know it’s an important stage of life, building block, foundation stone.

If you make it frail, then shall your next admission in your desired college or in high school would not be possible. Hope that you had nostalgia after reading these words, a wave of excitement or thrill ran through your spine. A train of images ran from your past had revolved in your mind. So remember? That was hard work, which brought you where you are today.

Another example of hard work can be your preparation for entry tests, ECAT, MCAT etc. OH MY GOD!!! Some students go crazy for it (I mean hard work) and prepare from each and every part of book to get as much marks they can for entrance into a good University. So, this is also a really good hard work that takes you towards success.

What does smart working stand for?

Yeah this is somehow interesting. I have also studies about it in my subjects such a s psychology and oral communication. SMART stands for

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time

If you apply it to an organization or place you are working. It would be helpful for you. Smart goals are a way to increase your efficiency and productivity at the workplace.

S -Specific- means how much it is quantifiable. Measuring in units. Checking your improvements/ progress on a daily level.

Achievable- You should be determined enough to make your goals achievable. One must be ready to take new challenges in order to make sure that goals are achievable.

Relevant – It is important to realize that whatever you are setting your goal, it is matching with your current status i.e. education, job etc. or not otherwise your efforts will be in vain.

Time –It is an important factor. To achieve goal within time, for instance you realize after you have given exam that you can study harder for this, what is the benefit of thinking and doing it when time is over. Therefore, it is you who makes a pivotal role in achieving goals within time limitations.

Advantages of Smart Work

Yeah what benefits you can have by doing smart work, managing time effectively. Thinking??? Ok, so let’s discuss. While doing smart work it increases our concentration power and focus. We tend to use our brain more logically hence our critical thinking increases. Sometimes, you think out of the box and that increases your vision power. To think more effectively and deeply. More importantly it teaches us to manage time. Now a days, time is so precious one needs to multi-task hence it increases your ability to effectively manage your time. You can do more tasks within a limited time period. It makes you habitual of executing tasks on time hence assisting you in being punctual.

It makes us systematic; you don’t do work haphazardly instead you follow timetable, directions, you make it specific. It is a means to develop our personality, to work even in those circumstances when challenges are on the way and you have to still cope up with the situation and within time boundaries.

Smart Work versus hard work stories

Thirsty crow story relates to hard work When crow sees mud pitcher, he sees that water is far below to reach. Instead drowning himself and his beak, he does hard work. He collects pebbles and drops into the pitcher until water level rises. So, this is how by inquisitively using his mind he does the hard work and finally finds a solution to his problem.

Smart Work Story – Once a crow was having a piece of bread in his mouth, vixen passes nearby and she was hungry too and she needed it too. She thought that snatching won’t help. Needs to do something else. She repeatedly starts praising crow about his voice and asks him to sing, crow proudly opens his mouth to do it and that piece of bread falls which vixen hurriedly picks up. This is how smart thoughts and her act makes her need of hunger fulfill.

Smart work is key to success  

Exactly, now a days it is the need of the hour.Completing each and every step that paves your way towards the goal not only makes your routine hectic but also makes you distract much of the time. As you want to get rid of such kind of boring life. You again find ways that give you relaxation so coming to the point, yeah, I’m talking about smart work right now. That you should be practicing ways that give you maximum to achieve your goal while utilizing minimum time and enjoying life hence increasing productivity.


Hard work and smart work both are beneficial. But crucial point to note here is that it is you who has to decide whether on this occasion I should do by this way or that way. For instance, if you have more time for a group project you can carry out various methods of research and draw conclusion. But if you have less time then you should be using beneficial tips that make you achieve the goals as well as learning of that outcome that instructor wants you to teach and in this way your task also gets completed that is meet the deadline. This is how you can do. Believe in yourself and choose the path you want or you think can fit in the desired situation.

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