Thank your God, Essence of Life

Thank Your God, Essence of Life

Allah says in Quran, If you thank Allah, He shall give you even more”. Now a days, we utter the word ‘Thanks’ so many times to a friend or person who even tries to assists us in our minor tasks. But why this thought doesn’t click our mind? Why are we so dumb? To thank enough to God who has given everything to us from birth.

Food, housing, social life, your education, family and if you are blessed with honest and sincere people then that as well. There are numerous and countless bounties Allah has bestowed to us. Allah has sent us in the world to worship Him. And what on earth are we doing even? We are just busy in our stupid worldly chores and then merely say ‘Time Nhi mila’ (We don’t have enough time) to offer prayer. (Salah)

But also remember that even if you are very consistent in your prayers. You are pretty much worried about that performance of your Salah on time but you are not good at keeping promises or you are short-tempered, you are rude then these prayers shall go in vain. God has given priority of “Haqooq-ul-ibad” over “Haqooq-Allah” this emphasizes that we need to take care of our loved ones. That’s something important. I mean really important.

Allah says in Surah Rahman: “So which of the favors of Your Lord would you deny?” If we just ponder, world is full of beautiful landscapes, greenery, mountains and much more. Furthermore, just think over fruits such as orange, lychee, Mango. They are packed naturally in a beautiful manner so that it reaches us fresh. There are so many people out there who are living without food. Moreover, due to this corona their businesses are even not running anymore. We should thank God Enough who has filled our bowls with delicious food items.

We are habitual of taking things for granted, if we just think that what are we today. i.e. Good educated individuals that won’t be possible if Allah didn’t give us supportive parents, financial support, healthy body and a healthy mind. Our poor souls interpret these blessings as little but if we look into it, each of them is really a great blessing. Ask from people who don’t possess such things, you will come to know how blessed you are. You will never ever think of word ‘Nashukri’.

These blessings and bounties can’t be ignored obviously. Your digestive system, respiratory system, blood circulatory system and so many other biological systems running in your body and working properly. These bodily functions doing their work, keeping you alive and making you fit for work. Aren’t these enough?! Still we are in a greed, we compare ourselves with others although maybe we don’t know that our poor souls are running after materialistic life which in the end doesn’t matter. In a Hadith-e-Qudsi tradition says:

“O Son of Adam,

You have your desire

I have my desire

But My desire shall reign

Though if you surrender yourself unto my desire,

Then I shall bestow upon you your desire

But if you oppose my desire,

Then I shall tire you of your desires

And ultimately My desire shall reign…”

This tells us that we have to follow Allah and thank Him as according to His commandments. How many times we thank Allah through our prayers is still not sufficient compared to the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

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