Purpose of Education

What is the actual meaning of education? Education or Consciousness. The meaning of education is to get consciousness about the reality of things. But does it really mean this or something else.

The mean of education is much more above that. There are so many techniques or methods to get education. Scientific education has its own importance. Islamic education has its own place in every era. Ethics, moral and spiritual education has their own importance.


The history of education is as old as human history. Allah has made human beings, “Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat” due to knowledge. The heavenly bodies bowed head in front of Hazrat Adam (A.S) due to knowledge. All the victories and achievements in the world are related to knowledge means through education.

Exploring the world as well as space is only because of knowledge. To build a space station in the space and a small needle for human use is only due to knowledge which means education.

Modes of Education

There are many different modes of education

  • Books
  • Internet
  • T.V

Every mode has its own importance. All the modes have their own place in acquiring the knowledge.


The main source of getting education books. Books provide a source of peace and pleasure. We seek shelter in reading good books. Books provide us different ways of how to get success in life. These are the books that provide us the right path in our lives. Books create a link between a man and a society. In this way, one’s attachment to society becomes powerful. We have different kinds of knowledge through books. One has a spiritual spirit, he may read that kind of book and if one has a scientific mind, he may read that kind of book. Moreover, books help us to expand and enhance our boundaries of knowledge. Books are our best friends, whenever we feel loneliness in our life. We may say that books are the main source of comfort and peace.


The Internet has made our world a global village. Every aspect of life is covered with the help of the internet. Internet is a source of information and knowledge. We can get any kind of information and knowledge about any kind of happening around us. The Internet has explored the limits of the common man’s approaches. The natural beauty of the world is seen on the internet by people with limited sources. Moreover, we may get the information and knowledge of history as well as previous happening around us.

The Internet also entertains us in different ways. Games, movies, dramas, cooking, recipes, stitching design, dressings, etc., and many other things provide us mental peace and satisfaction. The Internet has expanded our thinking. Though the internet has some drawbacks which badly affect the lives of newly growing children. Children of unnatural age pick up some negative aspects of the things which may have horrible results. We may say that if we want to expand our thinking and knowledge, we have to take help from the internet.


T.V is another source of information, knowledge, and entertainment. On television, we can get knowledge of our culture, religion, society, and tradition. What are the demands of a particular society, one may get a knowledge by watch T.V. Our traditions reflect our history, present, and future. Every society is recognized by its culture and traditions. To establish a powerful and stable society, one should follow their tradition. In history, we have many instances which tell us that nations were destroyed which forgot their traditions and many nations got success and touch the peak of glories who hold up their traditions. Our religion Islam provides us a lot of examples like that. Traditions of every society provide them respect and honor in the world. T.V. helps us to recognize ourselves.

Goals of Educations

Many people think that getting degrees of high rank, made repute, become superior to other students, get the knowledge of relevant books or courses, have a strong grip on speaking power, listening power, etc. are the main source goals of education.

But there are many things to be discussed. If we want to become a knowledgeable and high-ranked people in educational field, we should analyze our surroundings as well as ourselves. We should have to work on 3 Ws. What are we? Where are we? Why are we? First of all, we have to explore ourselves then we will get the knowledge and find the answers to all these questions.

We are human beings and Allah has created us and Hazrat Adam (A.S) is our first father. We are Ashraf-ul- Makhlooqat. Being a human being, we should analyze that if you respect yourself then other will give us.

Where we are means that is it just the right place where we are standing? Analyze ourselves. Then we will come to know that we are not at the right place. Something is going wrong with us. We have forgotten the principles of humanity which are basically the principles of Islam. We are trampling the rights of others and in return the society is facing the problem of dispersion.

Why are we, means we are not here to eat, drink and make fun. We granted with knowledge to explore the world, other people and much more ourselves. We should recognize the main purpose of ourselves.

Demands of Education

If we want to make progress, success and trust we should explore ourselves. We should minimize our weakness negative aspects of our personality, under estimating others. This is the demands of education.

We should have another world in ourselves which may have enough space to dig up our weaknesses. Through our exploration, we may explore the world. We may have the knowledge which we want to gain for the achievements in our lives. This is the main purpose of education which we are serving for.

Needs of Education

Education is the best tool to polish oneself as well as society. Education provides opportunities for different techniques.

  • To explore the world around us.
  • To get the reality around us.

To get the scientific knowledge for the betterment of humans. The need of education is much more about the reality.

How to explore oneself?

To explore the oneself is not an easy task. We have to put a lot of efforts then we explore ourselves. Judge yourself both positively and negatively. Then we will come to know that there is a need to do a lot of work on self.

It is discussed that a lot of sources are available around us to get knowledge, information, awareness, about reality of the things. Books help in differently ways. Internet provides us a lot of knowledge which are beyond our limits. T.V. provides us knowledge of our traditions, culture and society. Through all these sources we will be able to live successful life. But there is one thing that is very important to live a more and most successful life is

               “TO EXPLORE ONESELF”

Books never tell you how to explore yourself. Internet never provides you the way to judge yourself. T.V. never provides you the opportunity how to go in right path. It is only through your own exploration which will give you the answers of all above questions and assures you a successful life. Think positively about all the things around you. Think either you are on the right path or wrong. Think why mishaps always with you. Think why you are not tolerating the people. To ignore is the best way to overcome the situation.

When you explore yourself then you will have a long path way of success.


By exploring yourself, you will explore the world. Unseen truth will be open on you. You will look at the world with another eye.

  • An eye with openness.
  • An eye with clarity.
  • An eye with truth.
  • An eye with brightness.

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