People You Should Take Advice From

Have you ever scrolled onto social media and come across people commenting on different posts and giving their “so-called” pieces of advice? Or you may have some relative or neighbor advising you about certain something the moment they see you.

A friend of mine studying medicine got advice from a businessman. Medicine is not a stable profession; thus, instead of wasting money on medical college, you should be using it for investing in some business. Years later, that businessman got bankrupt, and the then-senior doctor had a six-figure salary and a clinic of his own.

Well, you know everyone implores his/her right-to-speak or freedom of speech. However, in this age, the internet and social media have made people think that giving advice is a must. No matter if the other person is looking for suggestions or not. Therefore, you should learn who to take advice from and whose advice to tune out. Because spending a good sum of time on a piece of impracticable advice is certainly a no-no.

So whose advice should you take?

Your Loved Ones:

The people who love you and genuinely care for you must be your priority.

We meet a lot of people in our lifetime where some stay while some leave. Those who stay despite all the difficulties and hardships are the ones you should be relying on for advice. Because they will never let you down. Most importantly, they will motivate you to rise rather than holding a grudge against your success. These people care for your time and energy and never intend to let them go in vain.

Who exactly are these people? No, I do not mean that they are your family because they say that family is the most sincere group of people you will meet in your life. To clarify, these are the people who have proved that they love you no matter what. They may be your family or acquaintances or relatives or your neighbors. In short, anyone who has selflessly supported you the most.

They do not ask for anything in return but merely want you to render your talent, skills, and resources in productive and useful ways. Therefore, these are the people whose advice you should never ignore.


The people who are experts in their field of work must be your priority for sure too.

When you face a problem in your studies or want to make up for your lack of academics, who do you go to? Certainly, your answer is my teachers. Why? Because they are the experts of academics.

If you want to excel in your job and don’t know where to start, who would you look up to? Certainly, you must say my seniors. Why? Because they know more about how your field of work is like.

Therefore, in every phase of life, you must go to the people who are experts or more professional than you for advice. Their knowledge will impart more ways for exploration in your field.

Why should you choose professionals? Because they have passed the phase you are stuck in and have successfully moved ahead with experience and adequate wisdom. They know how certain things work, and what to avoid and where to invest your time and energy. They have experienced everything you want to experience.


The people who you are serving, with your work, have the right to advise you.

If you study marketing, you will know that any business or work’s key aspect is satisfying its customer and building a relationship with them. Therefore, in a business plan, a feedback phase is most importantly added.

Why do you think that is right? Because the people who are taking your services are the ones who influence your every decision.

Even if you are a teacher, a parent, a business person, a scholar, or a teacher, you must focus on the people you are dealing with. You must enhance their experience with their advice and suggestions.

In conclusion, you are never alone in your decisions. There are genuine people out there who are willing to help and share their experiences with you. Thus, choose wisely who to consider for advice and who not to.

Fun Question: Should you be taking my advice on whose advice you should be taking? 

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