Myths of Creativity

Now, whether this answer of yours is true or not, you will decide after reading this article. Therefore, Tuck in your cozy seat and let’s go on a journey of creative thinking.

Briefing Creativity symphonically:

We all ascertain different phenomenon according to our perceptions. Our mind and its thoughts are a universe in itself. What makes us “us” is the juggling, the hustling, the tickling and flickering of those ideas, beliefs, thoughts, in our tiny brain. And creativity is symphonically a name to that rum of ideas coming together. It is our way of looking at and believing things.

Why is it important to know what Creativity is?

In this society, we don’t find much emphasis on creativity. Why? Because not everyone understands it importance? But why is that? Because people are still skeptical about what creativity is actually about, or what it actually means. This loophole in our agreement leads to the diminishing state of creativity in our lives.

Let me tell you a personal experience: What creativity is to me lead me to question my teacher once. Firstly, according to him, creativity is a skill necessary to succeed in today's business world. I then asked him that creativity is not a skill, it is inborne (as per the myth- true or not, you will know soon), hence how can you say it is a skill? And he replied that creativity is not confined to one definition. Secondly, it is a wide phenomenon and not everyone understands what meanings confine in this word "creativity". As a result, I realised that creativity can be in everything that we do, we just don't know it yet. 

Different people think differently, therefore, they can take out different meanings of this broader term. It’s up to you now to extract what aligns with your perception and beliefs.

Myth 1: Creativity is making everything look like Art:

I am sure, when I asked the first question in start of the world, most of you must have had colors, and designs in your mind. Hence, most say that creativity is art and craft. In other words, expressing your ideas in an artistic manner and adorning it with colors and sparkles is creativity. This myth is not entirely wrong, yet not entirely right.

If we look into different careers such as photographers, painters, sculptors, videographers, artists, this notion of creativity being artistic expression is true. Because these careers deal with making everything look presentable, and mystical. They have to play with colors, designs and sparkles. But what about careers like scientists, engineers, doctors, businesspersons? We can not say that they aren’t creative just because they do not present their ideas in colorful demeanor. Therefore, creativity is not only artistic expression but more than that. Creativity is discovering a new way to treat and diagnose for doctors. Similarly, it is a new way to increase efficiency of a machine for engineers. Also, it can be a revised method of proving the phenomenon of this diverse universe for scientists.

Similarly, this led me back to my conversation with my teacher. He mentioned that as a business student, your creativity can be to design a more organized way of talent aquisition.

Myth 2: Not everyone is creative

I read an article that said that many researchers refer to people who make inventions or do mind-boggling discoveries and woo the world with their findings and work, are Big-C creative. That means that people who do not make big inventions or deiscoveries are not creative because the world doesn’t know about their ideas. Therefore, it is not entirely right to say that not everyone is creative.

A child can be creative into how he/she organizes his toys. A teenage can be creative in how he/she sets up music playlist. A gamer can be creative in how he/she sets up the play station. A mom can be creative in how she timelines the entire week meal plan. A mom can be creative in how she can balance her work and children. A dad can be creative in how he plans the vacations tour. These things should not necessarily be told to the whole world. In other words, even little things when done in a way that make them unique in your eyes is Creativity. Hence Big-C creativity is not the only creativity.

Here I want to highlight that the big discoveries, inventions, exhibitions, etc are epitome of creativity without doubt. But little things that matters to people can be creative too.

Myth 3: Creativity can not be taught, it simply is or isn’t

No doubt, it is true to say that creativity is natural. It is inborne. But it can be nurtured. It can be. Since I already explained that everyone is creative in their own ways. and everyone is different too. Therefore, it is important to enhance the potential of every individual so that they realize their creative minds and be the best versions of themselves.

Although creativity is not a technical skill that we can learn in courses. But there are ways to polish your creativity. Use mind games, challenge yourself in different tasks, be curious just like children are. You see children question everything, they are little curious munchkins that annoy you with their questions (smiles). Similarly, as adults, we need to look at the bigger phenomenon of life like children and find better ways of handling different phenomenon. In our educational system, the loophole as most think is cramming, true it is. When students are asked to answer questions according to their concepts, this is where their creativity is polished. They don’t look at things just like they always have had. They look at things with new perspectives. And new perspectives generate new ideas which ultimately lead to creativity.

Moreover, here comes the role of our people as supporters and motivators. If we discourage someone when they come up with something new, their creativity is put behind barriers that limit their potential. True creative thinking comes when we go out of the way and people believe in us. When others support us in our little or big ventures, our belief in our creative thinking resonates in our exceptional work.

Myth 4: Creativity is only a game of flash of insight

No, creativity is not like those moments in Tom and Jerry, when Tom comes up with a new plan to tease Jerry and a bulb blinks on his head. Yes, new ideas come up in a flash of insight. But do not mix new ideas with creativity. Creativity is rather a procedure backed up with prior experiences, ideas, questions, thoughts and a lot.

Let me explain it in this way. You want to become a teacher and all your life you have subconsciously been noticing different strategies and techniques that teachers use in their classrooms. And when you become a teacher, you devise your own strategies, and finally come up with something creative to pursue in your teaching method. You must know that your creativity did not only come up when you sat a week before your first class and made a teaching plan. Little by little, throughout the years, different ideas and thoughts piled up and at that moment they linked into a chain that made you come up with a new method.

Boost your Creativity:

There can be many other myths according to different mindsets of different people. As i said, creativity is a wide term, and many meanings confine in it. Therefore, whatever creativity is for you, boost it. Here are some tips that can boost your creativity potential.

  • When brainstorming ideas, do not just lock your room or sit at a seat and start thinking. You shall go for a walk, or even dance if you feel like it. Ideas can come anytime and any element can trigger it. New ways to think of new ideas is creativity.
  • Inspire yourself with rewards and surrounding yourself with encouraging people. Psychologists say that creativity can be facilitated by the environment. So make your surroundings inspiring and motivating.
  • According to colour psychology, blue colour enhances your creativity. Surround yourself with it. Now you know why I am writing in the colour blue.
  • Meditation not only eases your mind but resolves your stressful thoughts and calms you down. And when relaxed you have better chances of thinking differently and looking at things differently and hence coming up with creative methods.
  • If you come up with a problem that is not being solved and making you frustrated. Step back and re-conceptualise the issue. Just like detectives do when solving a case. When all their pieces of evidence and findings lead to a dead-end they step back. And try to solve it again from the very start. This can boost your potential of creativity and you can think of ways that you couldn’t before.


In conclusion, creativity is itself a universe. Although true, yet conceptual. Find your meaning of creativity and develop it to its fullest potential because creativity just not has only one meaning but a plethora of meanings attached to it. It is up to us what meaning we want out of it.

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