Is your Degree Worthless?

Is our degree worthless? What will we do with this degree? Will we get a job? Whenever we are low on esteem, we ask a lot of questions to ourselves about what we are doing with our student life.

As we did a lot of struggle to get admission to our desired institutes. Our parents made a lot of sacrifices even when they couldn’t afford to, but they did. They did that for us. We are getting the best education from highly qualified teachers and obtaining a good CGPA. After all this stuff why are we still afraid? Why we still have a fear that will we be able to get a job? Why there is so much uncertainty? Why?


Why my degree is worthless?

Do you know why?

Because most of us have no skills and no experience. According to the nature of our degree, we have nothing at all. We just get up, attend the classes, meet the deadlines, and the circle goes on. We literally have no idea what we are doing. And with the passing time, we are becoming procrastinators. Even sometimes we are left with no energy to make our own notes. We just borrow them from our class thetas (nerds) because at some point we realize that this thing will not be worth it and we are becoming dead heads.

There are so many reasons behind this. The system, teachers, parents, and many more but let’s discuss a few.

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Academic inflation

In 1970 only, just 26 % of middle-class workers had education beyond high school. But now almost 60% of all jobs require higher education. As more and more people are getting a degree and there is a pool of candidates and everyone has a different skill set, there is so much competition and a lot of pressure.

Source of creativity

People seem to think that just attending the classes makes you more creative and innovative. But sorry fellas, this is not true. Creativity comes from experience and there is no shortcut to experience.

News ideas come from your interaction with the environment. I mean okay we have learned principles of marketing but now where do we have to put these principles. We only have bookish knowledge. Yeah, some of you will say that first, you have to learn them then you’ll apply. I am not saying bookish knowledge is not important. It is important but we must have some experience too. While scrolling on social media we read and share a lot of quotes about the experience:

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Albert Einstien

Every day we are learning a new experience in our personal life through our snake friends and relatives, then why not apply it in our professional life. For instance, you’ll go for an interview and they’ll ask you about your degree, your experience. If you have no experience then sorry the other candidate with experience will get selected for the job. This is harsh but this is true. If you have to cope up with this world then you will have to be enough experienced and street smart.

Professors aren’t concerned about education

Many professors are far more concerned about their own tenure and research than they are about making sure we get the best education they can possibly give us. They just give us a ton of assignments, deadlines, and quizzes. Their main aim is to cover the course and the credit hours, nothing else.

Head fake learning

University life is more than book knowledge. It teaches us how to think. It’s about learning how to become a leader, how to solve the problems, and how to make the impossible deadline work on 3 hours of sleep.

It’s all about how to learn new things, to get more opportunities, initiate change, negotiate, and experiment in life.

Companies list degree as a requirement

All the companies say they require employees for their company with this degree, this CGPA, etc. etc. but when the time of recruitment comes, they hire a person with more experience and more skills. So why do they require a degree? Companies don’t require degrees. To some extent, they require information like what will they do with your degree if you have no skill to handle the customers or to solve the problem in the back end. Oh and the interesting thing is that the more interesting the company the less they care about degrees.

Student councils

In many institutes, there aren’t any proper channels for students where they can share their problems. That what are they facing? What should be the solutions? There must be some councils to arrange opportunities for students. They should conduct seminars, job fairs, internships, and many opportunities like these to build confidence in students.

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So the point is don’t be one of those who say university life sucks, the degree is worthless and won’t get me a job. But why not making it more valuable by working and networking on your own. As the degree screams:

“ I am about the same as other degree holders.”

If we are better, we need better information than a degree to show it. Because if the degree is the most important thing about us then sorry to say we are actually a boring person.

So we are our own credentials. We should focus on our skills, experience, knowledge, confidence, and networking that can make a difference between us and others.

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  1. You have explained the situation in the best way… Students studying in the best universities of the country are worried about their future… They are just cramming and wasting their talent bcz they have to get good CGPA …They have no idea about practical work… This is the cause of our underdeveloped nation…Profs donot take studies seriously… U have explained the current situation of education system in a great way…. Thank you for becoming a voice against this crack system.

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