Is cooking only women’s job?

Is cooking only women’s job?

Cooking is an exquisite art! But why cooking is only women’s job?

Why our society has restricted it to women?

Though, in this modern era, males cook too but not that much. Society has somehow defined the roles. Usually, mothers start saying to their daughters even 5, 6 years before their marriage,

“Agay, susral jana toh kya karogee? Seekho!” (What will you do when you get married? Learn!)

Why is this kind of thinking inculcated in girls? Why is this sentence always used to threaten a girl? Yeah, maybe females are good at this but it’s not their core responsibility.

‘Agr cooking nhi aati toh matlab kuch nhi aata’ (If you don’t know how to cook, you know nothing). There are so many talents a woman could possess then why is she only judged with this trait?

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Home Delivery is not the solution always!

Eating a lot of junk food will make you weak and prone to diseases. Especially during this pandemic, we should take care of ourselves very much. Homemade food should be eaten and as it is also recommended by doctors not to eat foodstuff from outside. Males should also learn to cook as it is something extra, they can do for their family. And they will be pleased to serve their families in this manner.

What if, sisters or wives need to rest someday or they are ill, and during such a situation, you even don’t prefer to order food from the restaurant. It’s best when male members of our society also know to cook. Healthy and nutritious food will be ready in just a few minutes.

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Cooking for beginners:

I recommend that if you are new to cooking learn such kind of things such as

  1. To prepare quick breakfast
  2. Quick fast food items
  3. Ready to cook dishes
  4. Watch some easy YouTube tutorials

This is how you can do. It’s obvious on a daily basis, it is difficult to consume fast food. You need to eat Desi as well. As it is good for your health and nutrition. For that, if it is difficult to watch YouTube tutorials, no problem you can watch different cooking shows on Masala TV. In this way, you will finally learn to cook Continental, Italian, Thai, and much more.

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Cook at Home

Cooking is not only a hectic duty in the kitchen but really good art. Not everyone knows how to cook. If you are good at it, it is something you are confident of! Instead of paying high prices and enjoying a meal of a less quantity is not something you should be boastful of but if you make at home it will not only be purely hygienic but it would also be in a more quantity.

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We aren’t sure about the kitchen process albeit of popular restaurants you should eat homemade foods that will not only keep you prevented from diseases but it will also make you healthy. You will be satisfied to eat scrumptious foods from your own home. We hope your concern is resolved about the cooking.

Stay safe!

Happy Reading!

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