Our life is composed of some borrowed moments. Life is consists on days, weeks and years and if we sum up all these then it will equal to the time. Human life is very important but time is more important than life, if we spending it well then life will be happy but if time is not good enough then definitely our life is not running much better. Every moment of life is time and the time is the part of era, at least and at most both. A moment is time and a year is time and a moment is important if we spend it carefully and a year is wasted if we spend it in laches.

What is time? What is the reality of this universe? It was the same topic of philosophers, poets, meditator and scientists. When the human was born from that time till now human is continuously in search of different things regarding this universe. Time is basically the second name of life .time is like a flowing river which is flowing with consistency .It can never be stopped and can’t be retrieved, it’s like an ice which is melting without giving a clue.


Sun rise and sun set, change in weathers, circulation of planets, waves in ocean in fact the whole system of this universe is based upon the time .let’s suppose due to any reason if the time table of these things got disturb then whole universe will destroy. There is a lesson in this universal system for us that those people who learned about the importance of the time, they become familiar with all things and become a successful person and those nation which cannot deal with available time in better way they lose the game in fact, they lost in hustle of life and leaves no marks of their existence.

To run this world creator of this world have blessed the different people with different qualities, if one is intelligent then second one is more intelligent than first one. There are lots of phases of the life and everyone is different from each other according to these phases, but the time is the only thing which is equally provided to everyone. If we talk about the units of the time we can say 24 hours given in a day to every person weather he or she is rich or poor irrespective of all these things. Every nation in the world is having equal chances of getting benefits from this precious time.

In Present time there are some nations which are underdeveloped, some are developing and some are developed we can estimate the history of these nations through how much they are willing to use the time in appropriate and fruit full way and then we say this nation is 100 years far away from us in development just because they are giving much importance to manage their time. If we want to see the reason why underdeveloped countries are not in the race with developed country then we observe that nation of these countries are so silly and spend their lots of time extra activity which are useless. Laziness and waste of time are major reason of not getting progress day by day.

People usually says lots of things about Japanese nation progress but don’t even bother to take an overview of the reason behind this progress that is regularity and punctuality. Time is best solution of our affairs, sometimes we stuck in the problems which can’t rectified easily, these problems some time cause restlessness and we also remain able to take sleep properly, and we only thought what will be the results of these matters, we definitely cannot make any suggestion regarding these things because solution of these problems are hide in a silent but continuously passing thing which is time..

Power of time

Time has a power which is called healing power .our sadness, our grieves, our problems remain nothing at the end of the day because it vanish with passage of time. There comes lots of moments in our life in which we lose our dear once or we face very hard things and problems even we can’t imagine to think about those problems but when those things become realities we face them, face them with courage which we master up by ourselves or by the help of others, but later on those hard event just remain as a bad thought in our mind or sometimes don’t event exists in our mind this is the’’ MAGIC’’ magic of the time.

We should not waste our time in fact we should use consider it as a most important and meaning full thing in our life. Time which has passed meant nothing now and time which is coming is also not in our control but the time which we are spending is in our control and it can change our future as well and also past impressions which we have left but only if we spend the time in better way, so we should try that our present will be better than our past. We spend our time in non-seriousness and the time is like a bird which is flying continuously and believe me time doesn’t care us we should care our time. Time cannot change its speed for us and we cannot even stop its speed, time is impending process which consequent by its own self so the person and the nation who commit with time, time commit with them. And those who don’t fall on the parameters of time erase like a word wrong. Time is a wealth ,a capital, a  true gift .If you lose wealth you can earn it again but if you lose time you can never get that time back, even by giving all your wealth you will fail to get those moments again which have passed .

Some egghead person said: when you care the time, the time will care you.

care of time

 Now the question is how you can care the time? You can do it by performing your tasks on time. Time is like a horse which don’t walk but run ,run without taking rest, never wait for any one ,never came back so the person who want success must focus on it from  the beginning ,but if you keep away yourself from its importance then keep faith in this thing that you will fall. Time have three qualities. First is time is like a master for someone, second is time is like a servant and third is time is like a teacher. Time is master for those who use it in extra activities, time is servant for those who use it in healthy and correct activities and teacher for those who don’t care about it.

Every one of us know about Napoleon Bonaparte .His bravery was famous and well known. He lost his life just because of small mistake that was his general mistake and it was all about time management and after that Francis nation was not able to stand again like before .Time is precious wealth which is above  than every other wealth in the world. Time management is very important in both individual and collective life, any task which is difficult sometimes seems impossible to perform if we perform it on time then I assure we can do every hard tasks without any problem .In subcontinent, our kings lost everything only because they didn’t utilize their time carefully and at the end they remained empty handed.


Everything in the world is working according to time, if a farmer don’t follow the Time requirement for his crops, he can never get good results .A trader properly focus on time management to purchase goods, to supply goods, keep eye on changing rate and demand of goods in market makes him a good and wealthy trader, it’s all about time. A soldier, I think nothing will be better example for time management than a life of a solider. He take breakfast, lunch, dinner even everything of their daily routine on time and these things make him more regular and at the end that soldier protect our country with great courage. And at last a student, in fact a hardworking student has a main asset which is time, now it’s depend on the student how he or she going to spend this asset for their studies. Students must follow the time table for studies because their success is the success of the nation, AND nation is all for every developed country.

                                 ‘’DON’T PUT YOUR TODAY TASKS ON TOMMORROW,,

We have heard about the story of the hare and the turtle the biggest lesson which I have learned from it how much time is important for anything, if hare don’t sleep then whole story can be change ,and the moral of the story will also different just because of only one thing that is time. Time is the biggest challenge in the life, it is friend for some people and it is enemy for other people, depend upon person priority. Some people says time is gold and on other way some says time is life and its true time is all in this world.

Franklin was very hardworking and punctual and didn’t waste a second in his life when his father ate something he was used to pray he said father:’’ Please pray for long only once so we can save our time which waste every time after eating something’ ’Once a sectary of Washington was late and he made lame excuse that his watch was not working, Washington said “change your watch otherwise I will change you. “Our life  is too short if we do our tasks on time then we can do a lot in our short life ,we should take benefit from this available time because now and the leads to the road of never.

Our elders have spent their life  in fact they have less time and we have lost time equal to our age and estimate what you have done in this age and now plan what you want to do in future and what you want to gain in near future and design your plan according to requirement and keep time management in top most priority and follow things in accordance with plans, don’t go for big plans in start because they will not include consistency  go for small plan because you can follow them and accomplish them in time. IN recent era there are lot of things which saves our time like technology perform our work in short time and in better way so we have golden time we  have opportunity to use this vacant time in better way and can achieve our goals and can become successful person.


Your biggest asset is your time ,your wealth is time  and everything In thing in the world is the game of the time it depends how you use it so use it in best way because it’s all you have…

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