How to get rid of Loneliness? (2 Most Effective Methods)

How to get rid of Loneliness? (2 most effective methods)

If you had experienced loneliness, you would’ve often asked yourself how to get rid of loneliness? You may have asked someone or searched on google. Most of the time the answer you get is the same. They’ll all say that go to events, go to a party, find new people. But the main question is who wants to go to a party alone? Why would you go to some event when you know you’ll all alone?

We all Know

“Nothing lonelier than a party”

And if you will be all alone in that huge crowd then that loneliness will start eating you inside out. You’ll feel more and more lonely than ever. You will ask yourself what is wrong with me? Why am I all alone? Why don’t have friends?

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So, going to a party is not a cure for loneliness. There isn’t a cure for loneliness. All there is are some methods to take your mind of from loneliness, the less the better it is.

First Method to get rid of Loneliness

The first thing you can do is talk to as many people as you can. I’m not talking about that pick up your phone, open your contact list and start calling everybody one by one. That’ll be a forced connection which is worse than no connection. If you can’t do that what can you do? Here’s the answer to that question.

Going to a grocery store is part of all of our daily routines. Talk to them about little things, if you meet a person in a supermarket talk to them nicely, a small chat can help your lonely mind by a lot. If someone asks you about a route, ask them are you visiting this city. Try to start a conversation. You don’t know when and how you’ll find someone.

That simple chit chat may get you a friend. According to the researchers, three to five closest friends are enough, you don’t need hundreds of them. But if you’re suffering from loneliness it’ll be very difficult for you to create a connection with people. You may have read my blog on loneliness, you would have read that people suffering from loneliness are bad at societal connections, they focus on negative signals instead of seeing the good in people, they will see the bad things. So, whenever you try to connect to a person, try slowly and do not get attached too much at the start. Observe them, what they like what they don’t. First, try to build a connection and when you know you have someone you can rely on, try to deepen your connection. Go out to parties with them, enjoy as much as possible.

Second Method to get rid of Loneliness

The most effective way to cope up with loneliness is by talking to people. But the question is who can you talk to if you’re all alone?

So, who can you talk to then? The answer is not simple but still, it’s the most effective one. Try to open up with people, with the one’s you’ve created a connection. Small talks will help you. If you open up to people it’ll take a portion of sadness in your heart out of your body. There are many good people as well who’ll listen to you. The conversation is very important when fighting loneliness. If you don’t believe you have any family member or friend you can talk to then see a therapist. You may think they just listen so they can charge you, but that’s not true. Seeing a therapist will help you a lot since they are specialized people in dealing with cases of depression and loneliness.

I hope that you’ll act on these methods. These are no magic tricks that will end loneliness, but they can decrease it. There isn’t a cure for loneliness you can only try to keep it at bay.

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