How to build confidence in one’s self?

Confidence is the clarity of oneself, one’s worth, and one’s power to hold onto life. However, not everyone is born with the highest level of self-confidence. We often find ourselves in the pit of criticism. For some, the environment they live in never lets them blossom into the best version. While for others, the people they live with never let them cherish themselves. Am I right when I say that the world we live in contains many factors that let us down? Whatever your answer has been to the former question, I am sure you would find it helpful to share all the factors that help us build confidence in this article in this article.

Therefore, no matter if you are a teenager, a university student, or a professional, this article is helpful for all. Hence dive into the elements of confidence and start building yourself up, not from tomorrow but from today, from this very moment.

Change your Perspective of Confidence:

If you think that confidence is something people are born with, then you are wrong. You need to understand, however, that confidence is a state of mind. With the right mindset, you can build it up from scratch. Although I wish that you are not in the pit of feeling unconfident. Because if you’re, just remember that it is not your fault. And it is, therefore, not necessary for you to stay in this state forever. Rather, it is in your own hands and, nonetheless, your right to come out of this state and start your journey towards the heights of confidence.

Therefore change your perspective. Confidence is the feeling of self-appraisal, self-love, acceptance of your body and soul, and protection of your self-esteem. Confidence is to realize that you are the only person enough for you. This world, the relationships we build here, and the relationships we are born with, all come after YOU. With this reference, however, do not think that I want you to be a narcissist. Excess of everything is bad, as you know. Similarly, this feeling of self-love is right only to the amount that you are empathetic to others too.

5 Steps to Build Confidence:

Follow these 5 steps to build and boost up your confidence:

Accomplish your Work:

A mind-blowing step that enhances your confidence in your abilities and capabilities is accomplishing your tasks. Similarly, do not procrastinate. Be productive. Do not leave tasks or work for tomorrow. What shall be completed today must be completed today. However, not always big tasks, but these can be day-to-day tasks as well. When you wake up in the morning, try to create a to-do list for everything you want to do today. And by the end of the day, when you will tick those tasks when you complete them, you will instantly feel confident. Therefore, set goals for yourself and work to achieving them.

Likewise, for the major tasks, you shall monitor your progress. It helps you to make yourself feel productive and confident that you are achieving something new.

Set Values for Yourself:

A confident person always has some values and principles he/she abides by. Therefore, create a system of values for yourself and stick to them. Do the right thing and the best thing for yourself. Never underestimate those values because set them in such a way that they enhance your true personality. Realize what makes you YOU and try to include those aspects into your system of values. And never let yourself stray from the system because if you do, it will make you an untrustworthy person, and you may lose the true power of being real and authentic. This lessens confidence.

Exercise and try Mind Games:

Exercise is your best buddy. Firstly, it makes you fresh and healthy by elevating blood pressure and reducing the risks of diseases. Secondly, it helps you retain memory, improves focus, lessens stress, and helps you fight mental health issues. It makes you more active and smart. Also, try mind games to sharpen your decision making, interpretation, critical analysis, and your brain activates. Most importantly, exercise and mind games make you a better version of yourself, which instantly boosts your confidence.

Stand Up for Yourself:

In the end, you are the only one who can stand up for yourself. Therefore, never let anyone else make you feel like you do not deserve something. Believe in your goals and dreams, and be fearless when it comes to working and striving for them. Do not let others define you. Define yourself. And always, similarly, be fearless to speak up when you see someone or something pulling you down. You even have to stand up for yourself from your inner demons. So be fearless and speak up. You can be more confident this way.

Do what makes You Happy:

You deserve to do everything that makes you the way. Do not think that this is being selfish. No, it is not. Because no one gives you happiness. You have to create your own happiness. Believing in yourself is what makes you strong. And when you are happy on your own, you do not need to be with anyone who targets your confidence. You will learn to only let those people in your happiness boost you and motivate you to be a better version of yourself.

The Four Miracles of Confidence:

With that being said, let’s look into the five miracles that confidence brings with it. After reading this, I am sure you will want to start this building self-confidence this very moment.

Improved Relationships:

Being someone who is always seeking approval from others for how he/she looks, how he/she speaks or even sits or walks, is someone not confident about himself/herself. And, therefore, the person always finds himself/herself emerged in these thoughts rather than engaging with others and building fun and meaningful relationships.

Once you get the hang of how to not be so bothered about what impression you give off to others, you will be confident enough to enjoy speaking and engaging with people. And, hence, your brighter side will pop up; your true personality, which didn’t come on the surface under the veil of low confidence, will emerge as a star. you will also be present for others and count on you because you will be emotionally available. Therefore, you will see yourself making new friends and building peaceful relationships personally and professionally.


With confidence in yourself, you will, most importantly, understand how to deal with failure and not get affected by it deeply. You will, this way, see yourself as resilient to challenges and hurdles. Similarly, nothing would make you feel disheartened because you will have the confidence to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix. Therefore, confidence teaches you to be flexible in your everyday dealings and grow; professionally and personally.

Also, you will know that you have the potential to deal with setbacks, this confidence is enough to lead a successful and peaceful life where you are proud of yourself on every step you take.


With resilience comes motivation. Therefore confidence brings the power of motivation with it and shapes your life towards betterment. With the mindset that you have the confidence to overcome any challenge, you will find yourself motivated to try new things and come out of your comfort zone. And in this way, you will acquire more skills and talents like learning a new language, learning music, seeking a course, etc.

Motivation is a driving tool to succeed, and confidence is the key to it. Therefore, be motivated and believe in yourself. It is not that you will not think of failing; you will, certainly. But with confidence, you will not let this thought stop you from moving on. And a little fear is essential to keep moving forward. Thus, the power lies in molding that fear into something productive.

Less Mental Health Problems:

Low confidence lets you believe that you are less than others and feel anxious, panicked,, and alone. You may become socially awkward or an introvert because you are not ready to face others. You will criticize yourself over and over, and hence, lower your self-esteem and drown in this feeling of being depressed.

Confidence builds up the courage to silence the inner voice that tells you this. And be positive towards life and handle emotions well. You can feel strong and courageous and away from mental health problems.


Life is short, do not let others own it. Confidence is the key to living this way. The factors that could have let you be unconfident overcome them, one by one. And remember that no one will do that for you; you will have to do that yourself. Therefore, I want to iterate the importance of realizing that building confidence is only in your hands.

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