Health has worth in front of which nothing is important as it is. The person who is healthy having everything. Secrete of long and happy life is hidden behind health. If you stays healthy then you can enjoy Beauty of the world, company of the friends, family events, and colors of life. Meaning of the health is that your body condition should be in good form and can work in correct way. We know human is born to lead the world and it’s possible only if he or she possess main wealth means health.

Health likes a weapon for a human in which different human systems like digestion system, respiratory system, immune system and muscles and bones are majorly include should work in proper way. All these systems have important organs like heart, brain, kidney, liver and lungs which creates coordination and connection among the above system. When we observe the working of the body then realize how much blessed we are. When the body system works properly we can perform very well in our different tasks but in case if due to any reason system is disturbed the we find our self not able to do work properly.

 Health is much more important than wealth because if you lost wealth you can earn again by having good health but if you lost health then keep in mind wealth cannot buy good health for you, a person can live the life when he or she is poor and not having much money but feel so sad and pity if he or she is not having good health. A Healthy person can do every kind of hard work as compared to a unhealthy person. Our face represents good health like we look more healthy and alive with good health but in case we are ill, our face shows our illness.

Basically health is such blessing which we cannot deny because if you are healthy then you are actually you are alive. The whole life of human is based upon health only. A healthy man can earn for his family and can raise his family in good way. Good health develop from good habits and if you already have those habits you can perform things perfectly but in case you are not having those habits then must adopt them to become a healthy person.



Exercise is very important for a healthy life because if you are lazy and do not take exercise daily you will not active. Exercise is like a fuel in engine when we add fuel in engine then it works and run but if engine is without fuel then it cannot work our body is same like an engine when we don’t take exercise our body gets jam and when we take exercise  we become active to work like an engine . Exercise increase our efficiency make us capable to work like a person having a quality to do marvelous job. Exercise works like a energy drink which makes more energetic .You can do different kinds of exercise like

1- Lunges

2- Heel touch –lose

3-Wall push ups

4- Butt   bridge

5-claps over head

6- Swimmer and superman

7- Plank

If you do above mentioned exercise on daily basis and multiple times and definitely with consistency then I assure you that your weight will also reduce and even you will not gain weight again because exercise burn calories which cause harmful effects in our body and make us fat . So take exercise properly it will keep you healthy and alive  


IN modern era people are fond of eating fast food because first of all it is readily available and it is convenient for ladies not to cook food and they are making use to their families for junk food and now we are limited to fast food only. For example if you and your friends are thinking to do party your first thought will be to go restaurant and  to eat something and 90 person out of 100 will think to eat pizza. Now we eat fast food a lot AND far from homemade food. In fact our children ask for burgers or shwarmas instead of bread or curry.

This is the reason which is making us more aggressive and impatient, most important   stomach diseases and ulcers are commonly known diseases these days .so it is showing fast food is reason of unhealthy body and many other diseases. First of all try to avoid junk food I know it is difficult to leave immediately but you can do it slowly slowly firstly twice in week, then once in week and the once in two weeks and in the end once in month. And homemade food add into your daily diet.


Try to eat fruits and fresh vegetables daily, fresh juices are very important for good healthy because fresh fruits and vegetables possess important element for your body like vitamins a, b, c and e etc. If fresh things are not available then this is the best if you grow them in your garden this is also healthy activity which keeps you more active AND second good thing is it will free from sprays and fertilizers and readily and easily available to you when you want  to eat .fruits like mangoe,oranges,apples,grapes,melons,pineapple,cherry,leechi,watermelon,coconut,bananas,

Strawberry and blue berry etc. and vegetables carrot,reddish,onion,ginger,spinch,coriander,pumpkin,loki,peas and potatoes are very good for daily diet plan so  do consider them .


Warm water is like a moderator in our body and balance the systems in our body this is the biggest reason of the health of jappnes and Chinese nation that they drink warm water instead of cold water and it is clear to all they are enjoying long ages.


We consider it a status symbol to having servants in home, lots of people show off that they are having servants for their work and not prefer to do their work this is the bad thing, so if you do your own work then believe me this habit will make you regular and punctual and as well as active also, and you will able to bear your own burden.


8 hours sleep is important for healthy person because when you sleep naturally element produce in your body which is called sap that is basically very important for   maintain the body function and if you compromise on your sleep then you will see very next day, you feel very tired and when you sleep early then very next day you feel fresh and alive, our body is not a machine which can work constantly without taking rest we are human beings we need proper rest after some work to regain the energy for upcoming take proper sleep and rest.


We take small things which are too worthless more seriously like small happenings which are useless and later on we realize that they meant nothing. Those useless thing must have bad impact on our health which show disastrous results later like depression and hypertension and usually people don’t like to talk about these major issues due to any reason may be they consider it bad, they are shy, they don’t take it serious or maybe they don’t want people call them depressed person but at initial stage it can control but with the passage of time if it became more severe than it is difficult to overcome this problem and definitely it will cause different diseases, and it will make you unhealthy so try to stay away from these things.


People do lot of work and lost wealth and later on they lost wealth remain empty hand. You can do more and more work to make you living standard but what if you are not healthy to live and enjoy that better life for which you have sacrificed a lot ,then it never matter what you have earn only matters how much you are enjoying what you have earned so try to do work which is easy for you and don’t let your work like a burden on you and overcome that burden because you own something that thing start owing you so try that things create overload on you because at the end your mind will suffer and your health will be effected. So do work for survive not for the price of your health.


Cleanliness is very important because dirt cause germs and when they enter into body causes different diseases, it is fact that we have to go outside the home and to pass through those things which are harmful sometime we try to avoid but we can’t so what we can do we can take bath daily and make ourselves free from germs and enjoy healthy life.


Traveling Is a good source of making our health good because we escape from existing environment which Is the same having and having same routine so something new having new air environment must leave healthy marks on our life.


Avoid people having negativity because they will also make you negative and your health will suffer from this, so the best solution is to free yourself from those people who are having bad impression in your life, because if you will not do the same ultimately your health have bear this so no problem you are having less people but you are having those who are positive and real.


Family is something which loves you most so keep in mind if you enjoy memorable moments with them you will be happier and if you are happy then you will be healthy. Because family is the only who take care of you when you ill so give time to those who are for you when no one.


Try to avoid excess use of social media because we are habitual of it and leave important work for social media which is making lazier so use social media but don’t addict to it.


Best habit of every healthy man or woman because this is the natural system to sleep at night at to wake early in day if we disturb it our health will be disturbed.


Your world only if you are and you are only if you are having good health, so avoid everything but not yourself.


Health is greatest blessing of the world so do care this blessing!!!

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