Future of travel and tourism industries after Corona Virus

Do you have a curiosity that what will happen to tourism in the future? Will you able to travel again? What is the future of travel?

Will you see your destination places again?

In this pandemic situation, when everything is on isolation the travel and tourism industries are also on its knees all around the world. Countries’ borders are sealed now. Hotels and restaurants are closed.
Cities are at standstill. Flights are grounded. Travel is down, fear is up and the future is uncertain.

According to the World Travel and tourism council (WTTC), this pandemic situation could cut approximately 50 million jobs worldwide only in the travel and tourism industry. WTTC announced that it would take a year or maybe more to return to the normal level. No one knows when this situation will end.

Somehow things are under control. The government is taking actions and the first priority should be putting the people first. As traveling and exploring are human nature and during this pandemic situation people are so much frustrated that they want a new change. They want to see the world again just like they did before the corona. They want mental peace. We just need a little hope.

Travel tomorrow

People are using this online campaign to promote hope and solidarity that stay home today and travel tomorrow. This campaign had a huge impact on social networks and being acknowledged rapidly by countries, companies, and destinations associated with tourism, cities, media outlets, and individuals from all over the world. Countries such as Germany, Oman, Morocco, and many cities have already been using this hashtag to promote the voice of tourism.

Let’s see what will happen to the world of adventure after COVID-19.
Country borders will remain closed for a while for the citizens, and especially for the visitors. Roughly 3 billion people or 39% live in countries with borders that remain completely closed for non-citizens and
nonresidents who are mostly tourists and business travel.

Countries like Germany, the UK, China, Italy, and Pakistan who have a large number of corona cases and death records will not take any tourists in the near future.

School trips will dry out. Because parents and teachers will be more concerned about children’s health and will avoid gatherings like these.
People will avoid destination weddings. Religious tourism will drop. People will avoid social gatherings on festivals like Eid, Christmas Easter, Devali, etc. We already see the pictures of Mecca circulating on the internet without any hajis.

Effect on Students

Lesser number of students will go abroad for further studies. A large number of them rushed home from wherever they were studying before the airports were shut. Zoom meetings are already in trend not for the
foreign students but also for the native students. But most of them have no clue what will they do with their career.

Many may not go back this year. Parents will not go to attend their graduation ceremony. Air travel will become more expensive. The government is likely to mandate that the middle seat in economy class should be left empty to maintain social distancing. Travel insurance will get costly too because people will be more concerned about their safety. Airports will be less crowded.

Shopping will be effected badly. Pakistanis are famous for their shopping and known as shopaholics which we already have seen on this Eid- ul- Fitr.
Group travel will shrink. Before corona, it was declared that Pakistan is the best place to visit in 2020. And Pakistan was becoming an increasingly large group travel market for first-timers and middle class. But now this segment will shrink likely.

But when there is a will, there is a way. There are also some opportunities for the future of travel industries. Travel agents must take advantage of these opportunities. Because people will travel to refresh themselves after this corona thing. Yeah, it’s sure that people will not massive travel but they will. People will travel to Norway, Greece, Malta Thailand, and African countries rather than European countries.

People will visit more Coronavirus friendly destination. Like people will go more to those places where there are fewer cases of the virus. For instance, people will like to do dessert safari and stuff like that.

Luxury Hotels will become cheaper. Because they will have no choice other than reducing their prices. Airlines and hotels will likely accommodate more as on the postponement, cancellations, early check-ins, and checkouts. They will offer more discounts to attract customers.

There are chances that people will prefer more holiday homes instead of hotels because they will put their safety first. So now the business of holiday homes will nourish.

Local Tourism

Local tourism will grow more. As we have seen after the Coronavirus breakdown in Wuhan (China) and its control, they promoted local tourism and with the grace of God local tourism in Pakistan has always been encouraged. People will have a chance to explore their country. Travel industries have an opportunity to attract a new audience and promote culture. Because they have a chance to reopen their tourism business by promoting local and cultural destinations.

local tourism. traditional tourism, tourism in pakistan

Road trips will be preferred more after this. Families and youngsters will more likely to drive out especially on long weekends and in short vacations.
People will encourage nature and wildlife over monuments and history. So the hills, sea resort, and wildlife will win overcrowded favorites. Hiking, camping, and, sea diving will be preferred.

People just only want peace comfort and safety and many countries are working to provide them a safe environment and making new inventions. For example, Turkey is hoping to kick start to return to tourism activity with a new corona virus-free certifications programs. Many airports have installed machines to detect the virus. Many countries have taken the initiative to open parks for their public. They are trying to make travel normalize quickly in a safe zone.

Despite all the challenges, few things are important; mental peace, health, safety, corona friendly places, and hygiene.
So take care of yourself. Make travel plans for the future but stay home for now.

Stay safe stay home!

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