Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction is a disease that affects both your brain and behavior. If you get addicted to drugs, it is hard to resist its urge.

Have we noticed even? What is happening in our society? Around us. We are just busy in our lives so much or busy in our social media memes. Ask your friends if there is any problem, reach out to them, conversate with them, listen to them, ask and inquire.

Highlighting Situations now a days

People are nowadays, going into depression and feeling loneliness especially youngsters. They take trivial matters so seriously and then start overthinking. Start thinking pessimistically, sometimes even about committing suicide that is forbidden in Islam then ultimately start relying on drugs, and then they are whirled into deep emotions.

Signs which may depict your child is on drug

Lost in their world of hallucinations, start thinking weird and these are maybe some of the signs that depict that they are on drugs. Parents should keep an eye on their children. Discuss with them their problems. If a child feels hesitant to discuss due to the fact that parents may scold him, then this soon needs to be resolved by parents.

Conversate with your Child

Instead, they should make him feel confident about himself and teach about believing in God. Console him, look into his matters. Is he disturbed by studies or friends? Are friends mocking him? Is he under depression?

Taking Drugs

Youngsters start taking cigarettes and think this would make them feel relieved. What are they doing even?! Why do they do even! Point is, there isn’t much awareness about the consumption of drugs, their harmful effects, etc. Adults think that this makes them look cool? Wow! What a stupid perception!! Come on, you people don’t even think of your families! You don’t even know that you are being relentless about yourself.

Perception and Reality

A common perception built by youngsters that these drugs for time being make them feel comfortable and they are in an entirely separate state from the world.  Instead cigarette smoke contains 4000 chemicals even harmful for passive smokers. Other drugs include Aspirin and Nicotine. Taking 6 to 7 cups of tea is also not a good sign causing addiction. Teenagers begin taking these drugs assuming it as a healthy medical aid and with the passage of time they become so addicted that it starts damaging them from inside and then they are diagnosed with fatal diseases.

Why Adults are taking Drugs?

These are some factors which may answer the question, why more and more adults are becoming drug addicts.

  1. Peer Pressure
  2. The assumption that it is a source of relief
  3. To get rid of problems
  4. For amusement and excitement
  5. Curiosity
Why adults are taking drugs?

So, friends take care of your health. ‘A friend is known by the company he keeps’ therefore keep yourself away from those people who are on drugs. And avoid being yourself get indulged in negative thoughts. Don’t succumb yourself onto these drugs, shouldn’t give up on life, or don’t think that this is going to end. Teenagers should take steps of sanity and parents need to keep a vigilant eye on their children. Hope you all got to know about the harmful effects of drugs therefore be happy and spread positiveness.

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