Child Labour in Pakistan (in 2020)

Child Labour in Pakistan in 2020

Child labor cause emotional, physical, moral, and social harm to the minds of children. Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission reported that 11 million children worked in the country in the 1990s, half of whom were under ten. This is the situation of child labour in Pakistan. The median age for a child entering the workforce was seven in 1996, down from 8 in 1994.  In recent years there are 10 million underage children linked to labor in Pakistan.

The median age of children entering the workforce in Pakistan now is seven. It was eight years ago. It may be six years from now. Children are workers in the lowest social classes, just as soon as they can walk.

Children make up a quarter of the unskilled workforce, and virtually every factory, every workshop, every field can be found. On average they earn a third of the adult wage.

Causes of Child Labour in Pakistan

Pakistan is suffering from extremely tender socio-economic and political instability. There are many explanations why the proportion of child labour in Pakistan is rising such as

  • deprivation of large family size
  • social attitudes
  • low literacy rates
  • the worst economic crisis
  • natural disaster symmetry
  • significant rise in unemployment.

Iftikhar Mubarik of the Child Rights Movement (Punjab) says the law is “toothless.” He says the law on the right to education says that education is compulsory for children until they are 16 years old. Punjab has provided a cut off age for age 16 in girls and age 18 in boys in the Restriction against Child Marriage Act while Sindh has made it illegal to marry before age of 18.  Are these laws implemented?. Where are the ones who made these laws when the girl at the age of 12 is forcefully married to a 50 years old man? As it looks like these laws are just only for books.

Child protection (UNICEF)

Protecting all children in Pakistan from all forms of violence, neglect, and exploitation

UNICEF is supporting provincial governments on legislative reform, wherever applicable, in support of establishing a public child protection case management and referral system by 2022.

According to UNICEF

The birth of Just 34% of children under the age of five is federally registered.

(PDHS) 2012-2013 Birth registration is a basic right of all children as legal proof of the existence and identity of a child.

As an accurate record of age, it can help discourage child labour and child marriagein Pakistan , and protect children from being regarded as adults by the justice system.

UNICEF wrote a blog on child labour and child protection. CLICK HERE to read

Zohra shah – 8 years old maid killed by an employer

The drugged addict father who was so self-absorbed, that even when he was notified of her death, and he did not even come to collect her body made a deal with Hassan Siddique for Zohra to babysit their one-year-old infant. The deal, for a sum of Rs.50000, accommodation, food, and clothing for Zohra.

It is yet to be determined whether she has received enough food or proper clothing, but she has taken care of the well-to-do family who lived in their home in Bahria Town’s extensive housing society.

According to the police, the suspect admitted that he and his wife had beaten Zohra after she let his expensive pet parrots escape from their cage. Source: DAWN

The police report states that the girl also had wounds on her thighs which were consistent with sexual assault, and was also bleeding from her genitals. It was also revealed that Zohra Shah was tortured regularly in the past by the couple.

Hassan Siddiqui and his wife Umme Kulsoom will remain in police custody in Rawalpindi. And police will submit their confession in court on 22 June after which they will be convicted. In Pakistan, the maximum penalty for murder is death.

This is the result of allowing child labour in Pakistan to go uncheck.

Recent incidents in Pakistan of child labor

In January 2019, Uzma, a 16-year-old maid was tortured and assassinated in Lahore by her employer for helping herself to a small piece of meat.

There are at times no grounds at all.

A Punjab lawmaker’s daughter tortured a 16-year-old boy to death in 2017, while a black and blue beat on his sister. The boy’s body was left in the courtyard of the house before his family returned from their village all the way home. Aafter which the police were informed. Meanwhile, the woman has fled from the country.

In January 2014, in Lahore, Azra Ramzan, 16, was raped and strangled to death and 10-year-old Haresh Kumar jumped off the sixth floor because he wants to avoid further torture.

The same year, Waheed, 10, was tortured for stealing money in Multan; Iram, 16, poisoned to death in Lahore; Fiza, 15, was raped and tortured and finally succumbed to her wounds in a Lahore hospital three days later.

Of the total in ten years, 96 children were tortured and raped, and 44 of them were murdered. Around 79% of the cases were reported from Punjab, 14% from Sindh, 6% from Islamabad, and 1% from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Say No to child labour

It is clear in that respect that this is just the tip of the iceberg. These were the cases recorded in many cases that have not yet been revealed due to powerful employers.

As long as children are put into employment, poverty will spread and living standards will continue to decline. We have many more resources and legal remedies than China, India, and Indonesia, and we are doing far less for our young people than they are. Lack of political will is the problem. The problem here is greed.

Refuse when a child comes to work at home. Would you like to call yourself a good Muslim? Give the money to the parents and put a condition for them to send their kids to school. Society needs to be changed and change starts from your house. If you are having a maid who deserves to go to school send her/him.

“if we can’t begin to agree on fundamentals, such as the elimination of the most abusive form of child labor, then we are not ready to march into the future”. Alexis Herman

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