Bright Network is offering Virtual Internship UK – Click to Apply

Bright Network is offering Virtual Internship UK – Click to Apply

Internship experience UK

Before this quarantine, we all made some plans for our summer internships. We even listed the companies.

Some universities also arranged job fairs for their students to provide them better opportunities. But due to COVID19, everything went wrong. All our plans were canceled.

We literally have no idea what to do now. How to update our resumes with legit work experience.

Don’t worry!

“ when there is a will there is a way “

An era of opportunities is waiting for us. And in this digital world, nothing is impossible. If we have an urge to do then we’ll definitely do. So, it is our responsibility to find them, to discover them, and to boost our employability.

So, in response to all these challenges brought about by COVID19, Bright Network is providing a series of virtual experiences.

This is actually a UK experience-based internship and open to students and recent graduates.

Sectors to apply

There are following six sectors for the internship experience.

  1. Business, operation & marketing
  2. Finance & professional services
  3. Consulting
  4. Commercial law
  5. Technology
  6. Investment banking

Select any of these according to your choice and get started.


Each sector has a different deadline and different timing. So, if you want to do more than one you can apply.


The most curious question for all of us.

Is it certified?

Yes! It is certified.

A certificate on completion which we can add to our CV and LinkedIn.

So hurry up and click the link and get yourself enrolled for this opportunity.

Click Here to Apply: Internship Experience UK

Wish you best of luck!

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