7 Ways To Fall Asleep As Fast As Possible

Do you have an insomnia problem? Do you struggle to sleep early every night? Have you been longing for a peaceful night sleep, but couldn’t make your way to it?

Then you are in the right place. In the following article, you will learn how to sleep early and fast at night. No more worries, no more headaches, no sorer eyes, and no dark circles.

I personally struggled with night sleep. And I was really worried about this. This dragged me into negative thoughts, overthinking, anxiety and stress. However, I researched this and applied some tips to perfect my sleeping schedule. And YES! I successfully corrected my sleeping habits. I will share with you all the proven tricks which will be really helpful for you as well.

So starting from your daily routine, you will have to implement these in your schedule:

1. Forcefully wake up early in the morning

Forcefully wake up early in the morning

The very first step is to start waking up early in the morning. You might say: “Haha, ridiculous, why would we come to read this article if we really wake up early in the morning.” But! Dear friend, Force yourself. Don’t know how to? Okay, let me explain it.

Suppose, you have been awake the whole night because you couldn’t make it to sleep. You slept at 3 in the morning. You have to wake up early at 6. Do whatever you can do to make it possible.

Do these:

  • Prepare yourself mentally: Make a firm decision in your mind that no matter what, you have to wake up at 6.
  • Drink a glass of water: Before going to bed, take a glass of water. Use your bladder as an alarm clock for you. It will wake you up because you might have to go to the washroom.
  • Put an alarm on your phone: Even if you think your alarm doesn’t wake you up. It will at least disturb you. (pro tip: use the most irritating soundtrack in your mobile)
  • Ask someone: Ask anyone from your friends or family to wake you up at 6. (even if they have to throw a bucket full of water over your head)
  • Expose yourself to light: Light is a natural signal for our body as a wake-up call. Open your eyes and expose them to light. It will help you prevent going to sleep again.

2. Force yourself to stay awake during the day

Force yourself to stay awake during the day

Once you are awake, don’t go to sleep. You will have to act tough on yourself. But you know the results are much more important and fulfilling.

These simple steps will help you keep yourself awake:

  • Drink water. Drink as much water as you can. But avoid flooding yourself so much that your belly aches. 3 glasses will be enough.
  • Go to the morning walk and do exercise. This will freshen you up and you will get rid of your laziness.
  • Take a bath. Freshen yourself again by bathing. This will also remove the sweat and is proven as a stress reliever.
  • Make yourself breakfast on your own. This will engage you and distract your mind from thinking about sleep again.
  • Engage yourself in some interesting activity. As engaging yourself is important so is to engage in something interesting. So you won’t get bored again. Because you’ll think about sleeping otherwise.

3. Keep yourself busy during the day

Keep yourself busy during the day

Don’t sit idle. Do something, preferably a hectic task. Remember, you have to work for the whole day. So that at the end of the day you’re so tired that you will automatically go to sleep.

Here is a small list of things you might want to do.

  • Do exercise
  • Play football or any other game you like
  • Clean your room
  • Do your manicure or spa
  • read a book or novel
  • make a drawing or painting
  • cook lunch and dinner

Just to not spare any moment free. Also, avoid taking short naps. You would fail to accomplish your goal successfully otherwise.

4. Don’t consume caffeine late

Don’t consume caffeine late

Many people say that caffeine has no link to sleep. But it has! It has been scientifically proven that caffeine prevents sleeping.

Caffeine can be commonly used to have mental alertness. It stimulates the Central Nervous system, heart, and muscles. Not just good, an excessive use can also cause sleep and anxiety disorders. Thus it’s intake late in the day can cause frequent urination and loss of drowsiness. So it alters your sleep timing.

5. Do hectic exercises in the afternoon

Do hectic exercises in the afternoon

You have to make yourself tired till night. Either go to the gym or do regular exercise at home. Do something that will make you really tired. Once you will be extremely fatigued, you’ll sleep as soon as you go to bed.

6. Make yourself comfortable in your bed

Make yourself comfortable in your bed

Finally, after all of the hectic daily routine, it’s now the time to go to bed. You have to make a checklist in order to clean the last hurdles to your sleep.

Make sure you have these facilities so you can have an uninterrupted peaceful sleep:

  • Your bed is clean and comfortable.
  • Your pillow is soft enough and comfortably thick.
  • The room temperature is maintained. Basically, low room temperature is preferred. It should be between 60 and 67°F (15.6 and 19.4°C) for healthy sleep.
  • Stop using mobile at least an hour before you go to bed.
  • There is no noise in the background.
  • Lights are turned off, even the lights of mobile and laptops aren’t there.
  • Having a glass of warm milk before going to bed helps alot.
  • Wear comfortable sleeping suits and pajamas.
  • Also, maintain a good and comfortable sleeping posture.

7. Do Sleeping Exercises

Sleeping exercises have proven really good results for many people. There are many exercises that help you sleep. You can find them on google. It is important to check which one works for you.

10minutezen shows an exercise that works magic:

Final Words

Not having good sleep can result in many problems. Sleeping late at night also costs you many health problems. It can weaken your immune system, surrounds you with negative thoughts, weakens your muscles resulting in stress and anxiety disorders. Moreover, this might make your body vulnerable to certain cancers, diabetes, and many other serious health risks. Finally, it can alter your physical and mental health.

So you now know how important it is to have a good sleep schedule. Practicing the above schedule for 2-5 days will magically give you desired results. What you need are consistency and determination.

Wishing you BEST OF LUCK!  to successfully deal with this problem and say Hi to a happy energetic life. :) 

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