The first question which comes in our mind is what is habit? Answer is very simple and clear, Things and actions which you do on regular basis becomes your habit, repetition is necessary, may be on daily basis weekly basis monthly basis etc. we can judge the people through their habits because person having good habits will definitely become successful and effective life in comparison with that person who possess bad habits because your habits define yourself who are you and where you will be stand in coming days so we are going to discuss about those habits which shows how much that particular person is efficient and effective .


We can say proactive activeness is basically a pre-planning, planning before doing any work any task or planning for your daily routine. For example a person is able to perform his specific task because he know to manage the things in good way. Lets take an example of a person who don’t make time table and not do his work in good manner and on the other side there is a person who do his every work with pre planning and always work with proper and suitable plans will do his work effectively as compared to other one .There are two main things which must be taken into consideration.

Circle of concern

Circle of influence

Circle of concern is which is out of control means which we can never control. For example others people behavior, people’s mentality and judgments, your destiny and lots of things which are far away from our control.

Circle of influence is which we can control, with little effort we can change them. For example our perceptions, thoughts, feelings, judgments about others, our habits and many more. Problem arises when we try to work on wrong circle of concern .lots of people makes mistakes to work on circle of concern in which they can do thing other than wasting time while proactive person work on circle of influence because he or she knows that these things are in their control and they can perform well according to it.

The other thing which needs to discuss in this habit is about proactive and reactive people. First of all we discuss who are the reactive people? People which reacts on the spot and blames others for their failure and wrong work reactive people they don’t able to take the responsibility of their fault and always thinks they are right and others are wrong. They focus on circle of concern this the biggest mistake which they do.

Reactive people perceive they  are only the best while proactive people are those who takes their own responsibility if they do anything wrong they don’t blame others and they don’t react instantly on things they thinks about the situations and scenarios and then take steps in response . They focus on circle of influence and this is positive point which makes them more effective.

2-Begin with the end in mind

If you starts a journey without knowing destination and without knowing clear cut place where you want to go there will be lots of chances that you can lost because you don’t know where you have to go this is same things which happen in our life in lots of moments. We don’t decide or think about ending of our any action in result we faces lots of losses and also waste our assets in which the time is most precious.

We do things just by keeping short term results and benefits in our mind and in long term we see disastrous result. The main thing is we need to define our mission statement.

 Like what are the goals of our life and where we have to go. Make  your mission statement which give means to your life like where you want to be after 5 to 10 years ,write your own  script and become your own programmer who can  thinks about his or her final destination .

3- Put first things first

A lot of times in our life we mostly focus on those things which are not important to us or which are least important instead of doing those things which are need of our and we must have to do at that particular time .FOR EXAMPLE if you are feeling sick and you want to go to an event so decide to go and don’t take rest but the need of our was to take rest, you need to set your preferences and priorities .you can determine the importance of work according to your need and perceptions here is an example to determine your work  according to importance and urgency.. first of all make list of your work and then put them in matrix

list of things to do only weekly basis


  1. Family get to gather full with fun
  2. Call to relatives
  3. Harry potter series
  4. Assignment
  5. Exercise
  6. Rest
  7. Book reading
  8. Offer prayer
  9. Teach siblings
  10. Home tasks
  11. Social media
  12. Classes
  13. Music


   Offer prayer Daily classes Home tasks Assignments  
Family get together Exercise Book reading Teaching siblings Rest  
                    Non-importantMusic  Phone Calls to relatives  Social media Harry potter series

Now you can see how much easy to schedule your tasks and accomplish them in good way.

4-win win situation

If you want to become and effective person should have quality to see other person on winning position in the same game that you’re planning. There are lot of people who thinks only they have right to win the anything and other party must loose they are highly ineffective people.  There are three kinds of result.

1- Win win situation

2- Win lose situation

3– Lose lose situation

In win win situation both parties win. For example you are running a you tube channel and other person also running channel with the same content, instead of disliking other person videos to make them feel lose if you advertise them on your channel and your followers also watch those videos and other party also share your videos on their channel then both of you will get benefits and more subscribers.

In win lose situation one party only thinks about its benefit ignoring other party benefit for example if two persons having deal one party thinks it should be in their favor and they use all tactics to do and they get it, while other party lose this the win lose situation and last is lose lose situation this happens when both parties thinks decision must be only in their favor an both lose this Is win lose situation.

5- First seek to understand then to be understood

We listen other person just to reply not to understand and in result conflicts occurs this is the most common problem which is happening these days .suppose you are having conversation with someone and you have to take the important decision and you just keeping your point of view and don’t considering other you want other party should understand you and you shouldn’t then keep in mind you will not be able to take the healthy decisions. Question is what efficient and effective people do? They listen other person carefully then to try to understand their point of view and then reply and in return other party also do the same thing.

For this habit you should be a good listener and must have patience so that other party can speak and you listen. This habit have no connection with age if you think it develops with age and passage of time then this is not true because we can see our society old age people don’t try to understand and some people have this quality in their young age that try to understand other party and this habit make them efficient and differentiate them from others.

6- Synergy

It means building team. Usually leaders have this habit they work with other people like a team not like a boss. For example there are two persons near an apple tree and both want to eat apple and both are not able to eat apple because apple is at height, first person solely try to get apple but failed second one also tried and he also failed now what they should do.

After some they make a plan that one person will stand on other person shoulder and by doing this they will cover the gap of height and can easily get the apple and they did the same and got the apple, it happened because of synergy if both of them don’t believe in synergy they can’t achieve it .

 We have concept from our ancestors that 1 and 1 are 11 Instead of two this true, because when two minds work together they can do wonders because they will do the work by sharing each person ideas, thoughts and perceptions. Lots of successful occurs in past because of synergy can happen in future by following synergy.

7-Sharpen the saw

This habit base upon previous habits because if you don’t practice them you can never understand it. Let’s start with an example there was an old man who was cutting the tree and wasn’t able to cut that well a man passing from there he said to this man why you don’t sharp your saw it will make your work easy the first man replied it takes time so I don’t  have time , and he start work again. This story tells if you will not sharp and polish your skills at time than it will take your more to learn these things later on. This habit based upon 4 dimensions .what are those dimensions? They are the following:

1- Physical dimension

2-mental dimension

3- Social dimension

4- Spiritual dimension

1-Physical dimension

It focuses on our physical health if want to stay healthy we should focus on our diet ,take exercise and proper hygiene factors must keep in our priorities ,because health is wealth .

2- Mental dimension

Mental health is very important and a healthy body can possess a healthy mind, so free your mind from worries and keep it fresh and alive.

3-social dimension

If you keep yourself social and meet with different people and have healthy conversations and build your links it will prove very positive for you.

4- Spiritual dimensions

For this above dimensions must be fully satisfied because then you can spiritually alive ,do yoga and religious beliefs can also enhance this dimensions.


By adopting the above habits any person can become effective but this require consistency and continuity because habits develop only by doing actions again and again otherwise they are only actions for a limited time.

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