5 Harsh Truths they didn’t tell you about being an adult

5 Harsh Truths they didn’t tell you about being an adult

To define adulthood, it’s the time in a person’s life where they have achieved full mental and physical maturity. They have started to make their own decisions and take responsibility for themselves.

Normally, it has no defined age. Because it depends on the exposure and mental level of the person. But one can count 18-21 as the beginning of adulthood. That’s why if your age is above 18 years’, you can vote. Thus, you are considered fully mature persons, who can choose their leader on their own.

Being kids, we all want to grow up and become adults. The adult life seems very appealing to us and we associate many charms to it. We think that they are enjoying their life to the fullest and they have no one to stop them from doing certain things. They can stay the whole night out partying, they can do shopping on their own and buy whatever they want.

BUT! The adult life is not as easy and charming as it seems. Once you become an adult, there is no going back. You yearn for your childhood again. You realize how happy you were being a kiddo.

So here come 5 harsh facts about being an adult which you should know for a reason!

1. Freedom

One of the most delightful thing we considered about being an adult was being completely INDEPENDENT. However, there is nothing like ‘complete independence’. There’s no true freedom.

Being kids we think we have no independence. We have to take permission from our parents and guardians for every single thing. We are accountable for every action. They pay us the pocket money, whatever amount they want. Being kids, we beg them for the things we yearn for. It’s up to them if they get us that or not. This all makes us feel bad for us.

What we see adults is as if they have nothing to worry about. They do whatever they want. Whenever they want to go out they can, whatever they want to buy they can.

But, the harsh side is ‘they are not THAT independent!’. They have so much to worry about. The income, the expenses, and much more. They cannot buy whatever they want. Before that, they need to see their affordability. They have to wake up early and forcefully to go to a job. They have to do all chores themselves. And thus they have no complete freedom. They have to kill so many of their desires just to meet the month-end. Seems creepy, right?

2. Expenses

While being a kid, you have no big tensions. Everything: your clothes, food, bills, fees, etc. are paid by them. You don’t have to worry about it.

But, as you become an adult, you have to do all these things yourself. At the start of the month when you get your salary in hand, so does your bills. After paying the bills, the list is not complete, you have to buy your grocery your furniture, and many other things. You can no more afford that Gucci bag or Rolex watch you see hanging in the shop under golden lights.

As you have to pay all your expenses yourself, you cannot entitle yourself a completely independent person as well. You have to make; you have to save all by your own money. This makes you sick of this kind of independence. So it’s not as propitious as it looks!

3. Dealing People

As you grow adult, you have to deal with several people. The diversity among people, their behaviors, their nature, and their personalities is so vast. You will have to experience a big deal of trouble figuring out who is suitable for you and who is not.

Once, you were a kid, your parents used to guide you about people. They would advise you about your company and your friends. Also, they would help you with what to do in a certain condition. Whether to talk to someone about a mater or not.

Becoming an adult, you have to make these decisions yourself. You will have to see what are the pros and cons of being with them. Will they support you or prove out to be a toxic person for you? And these decisions are not easy to make!

4. Balancing Relationships

As you grow, your relations increase. You have to keep a balance among them to stay happy and keep others happy also.

Being a kid, it’s not a big problem. You have a small circle of friends. You play with school friends when at school. Getting back home you used to play with your siblings and friends. You eat with your parents. So you are giving a good proportion of time to everyone.

As you become an adult, your circle increases. From school friends to college/university friends, from parents to your spouse, from boss to colleagues. You have to deal with each one properly. Especially keeping a balanced relationship with everyone and giving everyone enough time is so difficult. This makes you exhausted!

5. Never have it all together

All your life you make so many plans. You want to make a home of your own, set it according to your liking. You want to have a beautiful happy relationship. Traveling to your favorite places has been on your list. Overall, you have your kind of perfect life in your mind.

We, as a kid, just make plans for our future life. We dream big, add many things to our to-do list. We desire to create a perfectly arranged life.

As we get older, procrastination hits us hard. We know that the time is passing and we haven’t achieved many of our dreams. Maybe because we have no time or no money. So, this makes us feel bad. It makes us tensed that we are so much behind our schedule.

We fail and we rise. We earn and we lose. And that we are so much caught up in the nitty-gritty of everyday chores. We are so busy earning that there is very little time left for us to truly enjoy life. Thus we always feel low and we feel like we have not it ‘all together’. And this is bad, isn’t it?

So the crux of the discussion is that don’t wait life to enjoy. Do it now!

Life is never easy! But being content it can be! Live now!!!

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