5 Effective Ways to boost your Self-esteem

Self-esteem is a person’s subjective interpretation of self-worth and personal value. It is telling yourself what you feel about you and how much do you appreciate yourself.

It can include a number of beliefs regarding your own self such as your:

  • feelings
  • thinking
  • appearance
  • behavior
  • social circle
  • beliefs
  • background
  • emotional states

“We all know that self-esteem comes from what you think of you, not what other people think of you”

-Gloria Gaynor-


Henceforth, it may not be the same throughout your life. In fact, it keeps on dwindling between high and low every other moment.

Types of Self-esteem

Self-esteem can be placed into three types:

Inflated self-esteem: An extreme level where people think they are the best and no one else is worthy of their attention. So, they start underestimating others and are very self-proud.

High self-esteem: A positive and maintained level of self-esteem, where people value themselves. Hence, the confidence they develop through this helps them overcome any hurdle in their lives and they have a good chance to become successful one day.

Low self-esteem: Its opposite of high self-esteem, where people don’t value themselves at all. They feel insecure about themselves and fear failure. This keeps them from even trying and they lose the battle without even fighting it.

Ways to boost Low Self-esteem:

“Needing to talk badly about others indicates low self-esteem. That means, ‘I feel so low that instead of picking myself up, I have to cut others down”

-Pope Francis-


1. Be nice to yourself

be nice, nice, good

Learn to be kind to yourself. Show yourself affection, you are the one who needs it the most. Treat yourself well. Make yourself happy. Remember no one has been through what you might have experienced. No one has ever walked in your shoes. Remind yourself of your worth. Know that you are pretty and best. You are unique!

2. Focus on your achievements than failures

be positive, focus on achievements, 5 Effective Ways to boost your Self-esteem

Have you achieved something in the past? It can be a certificate in best drawing, a good athlete award, or even a word of praise by someone. You might have helped someone in the past. Remind yourself of your achievements. Maybe once you were in a great problem and you overcame it through your hard work and a good strategy.

Whenever any of your failures suppresses your mind and makes you feel low about yourself, remind you of that. Remind yourself how successful you have been back then. Also, remind yourself that failure is not permanent, you can beat it with another achievement, in some other way.

3. Know that nobody’s perfect

nobody is perfect,

Do you remember the story of Elbert Einstein? He was considered a failure in his childhood. He couldn’t even speak clearly by the age of nine. Also, he was expelled from his school for being a slow learner. But he never quit his struggles and today everyone knows him!

You might see many PERFECT people around that makes you wonder that you are not enough. Don’t let yourself drowned by these kinds of thoughts. Maybe the one you consider perfect has many flaws covered which they never bothered to open.

Never compare yourself with some other person. You might not have had the opportunities they had. Know that you are doing the best in your own way. Don’t let your mind drag you in these thoughts!

4. Exercise and mediate

exercise, mediate, boost self-esteem,  yoga, serenity,

Start exercising and meditating. Have deep conversations with yourself. Give yourself time. Separate yourself from the hustle of everyday chores. Sit back and relax in nature. Inhale fresh air. This will help you feel good.

5. Surround yourself with optimists

5 Effective Ways to boost your Self-esteem, self esteem, surround yourself with optimist

Don’t spend your time with people who always mention your flaws. Be with those who admire you. Who corrects you in a nice way, who sees the good in you. Your company has a great effect on your mind and thoughts.

How to keep your self-esteem high

To avoid more bad thinking in Future, practice these:

  • Forgive yourself for the past mistakes
  • Make promises to yourself
  • Treat yourself after accomplishing a goal
  • Write a journal daily
  • Write your three accomplishments each day

Final Words

Some days you feel like you’re living a perfectly ideal life and everything seems pretty and pleasant. You enjoy each and everything. You sit there long watching the sky, you hear birds chirping near and it lifts your mood up. It feels as if you’re the best and the most blessed person alive.

But some other days, you fall on your knees. Hiding from people just looking for a corner to cry, the world seems to break and your entire mood collapses. You want to disappear. You can’t figure out why this sadness attacks you, why you feel this way.

Life keeps on oscillating between these moments of extreme happiness and sadness, between these strong and weak moments.

The real courage is to lift yourself up and move forward although you feel your world collapsing. Move! knowing that no one else can change your destiny but you. Move and know that your struggle will never go in vain but reap into something amazing. MOVE!! Staying static is not an option! It never was. Know that every time you have this feeling pressing your nerves making you numb, you learn something new, something remarkably amazing. You can get over this feeling! You are strong! Believe in yourself!

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