12 Little Things that Tell a lot about Your Personality

12 Little Things that Tell a lot about Your Personality

Psychology and Communication go round and round. Psychology is the study of a human’s mind while communication means how a person approaches or interacts with another person. When we take a deeper look at how someone communicates with others, we may know how that person thinks. And a person’s mind is deliberately his personality. Therefore, what shapes someone’s personality? The answer is: how he communicates with others along with how he reacts on certain triggers. Communication can be verbal and non-verbal. Non-verbal communication is everything besides speaking for instance gestures, motions, body posture, style of talking, tone etc.

In this article, we will highlight 12 little things that can determine someone’s personality. Now whether you admit it or not, when you meet someone you subconsciously judge them depending on different factors. We will evaluate such factors below.

At the end of this article, I will ask a fun yet challenging question for you to ponder on and answer in comments.

Here are the 12 little things that tell a lot about your personality:

Your handshake:


When you greet someone or even when you are leaving an interview, it is common courtesy to shake your hands with the person. However, if the handshake is strong it means you are confident and active. Whereas if your handshake is weak, it reflects your lack of confidence.

According to a research, those with strong handshakes are more likely to be extrovert and less likely to be neurotic and shy.

Your Punctuality:

punctuality in your personality

Almost everyone advises punctuality. Why? Because whether you show up on time or not, reveals a lot about you. If you show up on time, you are pro-active, organized, and self-motivated. But, if you run late, you don’t value time and are certainly a procrastinator and this doesn’t make you likable.

Similarly, in case you show up late on an interview, sorry, but it is more likely that you have lost the job.

Your Behavior with Staff:

your personality and behavior at work

Whether you are in a restaurant, or on a shopping spree, or in college/university, how you treat the staff members reveals your true self. If you treat waiters, guards, maids, etc nicely and kindly, you give off a humble vibe that makes you more likable. But many people consider this your worst trait that you are rude to the staff. Interviewers may not hire you if you are good to your colleagues but rude to the staff.


eye contact

In some cultures, making an eye-contact depicts your personality straight-forward. Strong, extrovert, independent and confident people make eye-contact while communicating with someone. On the other hand, those who don’t make eye contact show lack of confident, lack of self-control, a weak will. Now that doesn’t make you look good, right?

Your way of Arguing:

your way of arguing

If you want to judge someone or even judge yourself, notice closely how the other person argues or you do. When arguing with loved ones, do you target them or the problem? Now this shows your true nature and maturity.

Your Response to Rejection:

rejected, rejection

What do you say when you get a “no”? Do you get mad or calmly acknowledge all the factors that led to the rejection? This reaction shows the importance you give to yourself as well to the other’s freedom of opinion.


gossip personality

Gossip is bad if you handle it badly. If you go around gossiping about everything in a negative manner, then surely you are non-trustworthy. Therefore, focus on the content of the gossip and whether it is try or not, it shows if you are thoughtful or not.

Taking Responsibility:

taking responsibility

Do you take responsibility about everything you do? Because, our reactions and actions are our own choice. A mature, honest person and a confident one takes responsibility of everything while a lazy and dishonest person go around blaming others of their actions.

Checking Your Phone:

effect of checking phone again and again on your personality

Do you check your phone quite often? This shows your emotional instability.

Where you look when drinking from a Cup:

12 Little Things that Tell a lot about Your Personality

If you look into the rim of the cup when drinking from it, it shows you are focused and self-aware. However, if you are looking over the cup, research says that you are someone who can be easily influenced by others. Similarly, they are trusting, carefree and extroverts.

Your favorite colors:

your favorite colors

Read out about this factor in another article of ours, here.

Your Eating Habits:

your eating personality

If you eat slowly, you are more likely to be in control and enjoy life. But if you eat fast, you are ambitious, goal-oriented and meanwhile impatient.

There are many more such factors as well. However, if you want to add do share in comments.

You remember I intended to ask you a question at the end, well here it is: Do you think writing style can tell about someone’s personality. If yes, what does this article say about the author?

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